What is the Opposite of not dependable?

What is the Opposite of not dependable?

What is the opposite of dependable?

unreliable undependable
ineffective impulsive
unrespectable moving
inefficient not dependable
suspect untrustable

What is the Opposite of dependability?

Opposite of the characteristic of being reliable or trustworthy. dodginess. unreliability. untrustworthiness. dishonesty.

What is the Opposite of dependent?

(dependent on/upon) Opposite of contingent on or determined by. independent. clear. exempt. free.

What word means non dependable?

synonyms: unreliable erratic, temperamental, wayward. likely to perform unpredictably. uncertain. not consistent or dependable. unsound.

What is very unreliable?

: not reliable : undependable, untrustworthy an unreliable friend an unreliable source of funding an unreliable car.

What’s another synonym for dependable?

trustworthy, trusty, trusted, steadfast, faithful, responsible.

What does dependable mean?

Definition of dependable : capable of being trusted or depended on : reliable a dependable source of income a dependable assistant needs a dependable car for work.

What are Opposite words?

The opposite word is a noun. It is a word that expresses a meaning as opposed to the importance of another word, in which case the two words are antonyms of each other. Synonyms: antonym, opposite.

What’s another word for Dependant?

In this page you can discover 67 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for dependent, like: reliant, dependant, charge, independent, immature, secondary, helpless, minor, child, clinging and unconditioned.

Is Independable a word?

No, independable is not in the scrabble dictionary.

How do you say someone is unreliable?


  1. capricious.
  2. deceptive.
  3. dubious.
  4. false.
  5. fickle.
  6. inaccurate.
  7. irresponsible.
  8. treacherous.

What do you call an unreliable person?

1 disreputable, irresponsible, not conscientious, treacherous, undependable, unstable, untrustworthy. 2 deceptive, delusive, erroneous, fake, fallible, false, implausible, inaccurate, mistaken, specious, uncertain, unconvincing, unsound.

What is a Dependant?

: a person who depends upon another for support. dependent.

What is dependable example?

The definition of dependable is someone or something who is reliable and trustworthy or who can be counted on. A trusty old dog who is always by your side is an example of something that would be described as dependable.

Who is a dependable man?

A dependable person is someone who gives reliable service and is loyal and stable. The dependable person is someone you can count on in the workplace, at home, or even in the greater management field of governance and politics. There are many names in history that stand out and resonate with dependability.