What are the two convention centers in Boston?

What are the two convention centers in Boston?

Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. 216. Convention Centers.

  • Hynes Convention Center. 107. Convention Centers.
  • World Trade Center Boston. Convention Centers. Seaport District / South Boston Waterfront.
  • Bayside Expo Center. Convention Centers. Dorchester / Roxbury / Mattapan.
  • The Castle at Park Plaza. Convention Centers.
  • Where is the Boston Convention Center?

    415 Summer Street Boston, MA

    Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
    Address 415 Summer Street Boston, MA, 02210 United States
    Coordinates 42°20′44.84″N 71°02′45.28″W
    Owner Massachusetts Convention Center Authority (MCCA)
    Operator MCCA

    How long is the Boston Convention Center?

    180 ft.
    This roof structure, which spans 180 ft. and cantilevers 65 ft. at each end gives the venue an elegant and virtually column free exhibition space, which is a true marketing advantage in the competitive business of attracting large conventions.

    How much is parking at Boston Convention Center?

    Is there parking at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center? The convention center offers self-parking for $15 per vehicle in its south parking lot. Valet parking is also available during most events for $25.

    How many convention centers are in Boston?

    two convention centers
    Boston has two convention centers and the city’s geographical location makes it an ideal and easy gateway for both national and international access and gives you access to the most valuable attendee base within a 2-hour travel radius of any city in North America.

    What is the MA Convention Center fee?


    MA Consolidation Facility Charge Fee with Tax $6.38 per reservation per day
    MA Convention Center Financing Surcharge $10.00 per year since joining
    MA Police Training Fee $2.00 per reservation 12 hours or greater
    MA Revere Rental Surcharge $10.00 per year since joining
    MA Sales tax 6.250% of charges

    What is the purpose of convention center?

    A convention center (American English; or conference centre in British English) is a large building that is designed to hold a convention, where individuals and groups gather to promote and share common interests. Convention centers typically offer sufficient floor area to accommodate several thousand attendees.

    What is happening in Boston convention center?

    Event Calendar

    6th – 9th Jun, 22 1 day to go NFPA Conference & Expo • Tradeshow • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Interested 9
    17th – 20th Jul, 22 ASHE Annual Conference & Technical Exhibition • Tradeshow • ASHE – American Society for Health Care Engineering Interested 16
    + Load More Event

    What happens in a convention?

    A convention, in the sense of a meeting, is a gathering of individuals who meet at an arranged place and time in order to discuss or engage in some common interest. The most common conventions are based upon industry, profession, and fandom.

    Where is the largest convention center in the world?

    Hannover Messe – 496,000 m2 – Hanover, Germany The Hannover exhibition center is the largest convention center in the world with a 554,000 sqm surface area (496,000 indoor and 58,000 outdoor).

    Is the Silver Line Free in Boston?

    Silver Line Rapid Transit Buses Service from Boston Logan: Disability accessible and with ample room for luggage, the Silver Line is FREE from Boston Logan inbound to South Station. This includes a free transfer to the Red Line subway (which connects to the Orange and Green Lines).

    Is Convention and Exhibition same?

    In general terms, conferences, conventions (also known as exhibitions/expos) and trade shows are large events where like-minded people, often from a particular industry or group, get together to share information, learn, and network.

    What is the purpose of exhibition center?

    Convention and exhibition centers are facilities you can use for large-scale events and conferences. It’s used to gather groups or individuals with common interest in one convenient location. This is where you can share ideas and learn something new while strengthening your network and reaching out to a wider audience.

    What is the world’s largest exhibition?

    With its 496,000 m² of indoor capacity and 58,000 m² of outdoor space, the Hanover Exhibition Center remains the largest exhibition venue. It is known for hosting the annual Hanover Fair (HANNOVER MESSE) which is undoubtedly the largest industrial fair in the world with over 200,000 visitors!

    What is the largest exhibition facility in the United States today?

    The Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta comprised 1.4 million square feet of exhibition space….Leading convention centers in the United States as of August 2017, by size (in million square feet)

    Characteristic Exhibit space in million square feet