Which universe is bigger Marvel or Dragon Ball?

Which universe is bigger Marvel or Dragon Ball?

As things stand, Dragon Ball’s Multiverse is much bigger and stronger than that of the MCU. Of course, the MCU’s multiverse and cosmos are only just beginning to open up. Things could change, but, for now, Dragon Ball wins by a mile.

Can Goku beat the Marvel Universe?

Goku versus Superman is the match that most want to see, but Marvel has several Superman equivalents. The most powerful is Hyperion, and much like Superman, he would end Goku.

Can any Marvel character beat Goku?

The most powerful is Hyperion, and much like Superman, he would end Goku. Hyperion usually hails from another universe and is frequently the most powerful hero around; one version of him beat every hero and villain on Earth, and another flew through Galactus’s head, killing him.

Who can beat Beerus Marvel?

Literally referred to as the “State of the Gods,” it would be no surprise if Ultra Instinct Goku could already beat Beerus. Even in a meta sense, Goku surpassing Beerus is all but guaranteed. Goku’s journey is one of encountering and overcoming obstacles.

Who would win Goku or Thanos?

Goku is not exactly known for his wits and Thanos would easily outsmart him, which, together with his superior stamina, would give the Mad Titan the win in the end.

Can Mui Goku beat Thor?

Having ascended as the Asgardian All-Father and receiving an exponential upgrade through the Power Cosmic, a match-up between Thor and Goku wouldn’t even come close — the God of Thunder is the strongest he’s ever been in his entire comic book history.

Who can defeat Goku in DC?

1 Superman Would Rock Goku’s World The debate over who would win between Superman and Goku has been going on for years, and the short answer is this — Superman wins. His powers have gone through a lot of changes over the years, but he still starts out way more powerful than Goku.

Who in Marvel can beat Vegeta?

10 Marvel Supervillains Stronger Than Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta

  1. 1 Galactus. There’s a reason why Galactus is feared across the Marvel Universe.
  2. 2 Surtur.
  3. 3 Thanos.
  4. 4 Dormammu.
  5. 5 Tyrant.
  6. 6 Zom.
  7. 7 Mangog.
  8. 8 Anti-Man.

Is Scarlet Witch stronger than Goku?

Similarly, Goku’s strength far exceeds Scarlet Witch’s at almost any point throughout Dragon Ball, but especially in Ultra Instinct form. Even if he lands just one punch, it will certainly count, and almost undoubtedly do significant damage to her.

Can the apocalypse beat Goku?

8 Would Defeat: Apocalypse If he battles Goku, he might find life very difficult, considering the fact that Goku adapts to his enemies and Apocalypse’s battle strength is not necessarily his powerful suit.