How do I troubleshoot SSL VPN?

How do I troubleshoot SSL VPN?

To troubleshoot getting no response from the SSL VPN URL: Go to Policy > IPv4 Policy or Policy > IPv6 policy. Check that the policy for SSL VPN traffic is configured correctly. Check that you are using the correct port number in the URL. Ensure FortiGate is reachable from the computer.

How do I fix Cisco AnyConnect?

Repair the installation In the Windows Search bar, type Control and open Control Panel. Click Uninstall a program in the bottom left corner. Click on the Cisco System VPN client and choose Repair. Follow the instructions until the installation is repaired.

How do I get Cisco AnyConnect VPN logs?

Troubleshooting Logs

  1. From the Applications folder, click the AnyConnect VPN icon to open the user interface. A new pane labeled Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client will pop up.
  2. Click on the gear shaped icon lower left panel.
  3. Select the Statistics tab.
  4. Click the Export button. The details contain: VPN Statistics.

How do I add a certificate to Cisco AnyConnect?

Open the Cisco ASDM, then Under the Remote Access VPN window pane, then in the Configuration tab, expand Certificate Management and click ‘CA Certificates’. Click the ‘Add’ button.

How do I fix credential or SSL VPN configuration is wrong 7200?

  1. did you verify your credentials.
  2. are you using local or remote authentication user ( ldap, radius )
  3. if local, have you update your credentials recently.
  4. is you your local user expired.
  5. are other users having issues.
  6. was it working before in the past.
  7. if local user is the user disable or password expired.

How do I reset my Cisco AnyConnect secure mobility client?


  1. Open a Windows search by clicking the Cortana icon or by pressing the Windows key + S.
  2. In the search field, type services.
  3. In the list of services, find and select Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Agent.
  4. To the left, click the Start the service link.
  5. Relaunch the Cisco AnyConnect VPN software.

Where is the AnyConnect profile stored?


Operating System Location
Windows 7 %ProgramData%\Cisco\Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client\Profile
Windows 8 %ProgramData%\Cisco\Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client\Profile
Windows 10 %ProgramData%\Cisco\Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client\Profile
Mac OS X /opt/cisco/anyconnect/profile

Which feature describes SSL VPNs?

SSL VPNs enable users to access restricted network resources remotely via a secure and authenticated pathway by encrypting all network traffic and making it look as if the user is on the local network, regardless of geographic location.

What is the difference between Cisco AnyConnect and VPN client?

Cisco AnyConnect vs Cisco VPN Client At a high level, there are two major differences between the two clients: First, the AnyConnect client supports both SSL and IPsec VPN options (including support for IKE 2.0 and NSA Suite B IPsec), while the VPN client only supports IPsec.

Where are Cisco AnyConnect certificates?

The client certificates that you generated are, by default, located in ‘Certificates – Current User\Personal\Certificates’.

How do I renew Cisco AnyConnect VPN certificate?

It’s quite easy:

  1. Generate a new named RSA pub/priv keypair of 2048 Bit.
  2. Configure a new trustpoint with the new labeled key.
  3. Generate a new CSR based on the new trustpoint.
  4. Get your new certificate with the CSR.
  5. Import the certificate into the trustpoint.
  6. Change the public interface to use the new trustpoint.
  7. Done!

How do I stop my VPN from disconnecting?

Here are some common device-level issues you can solve to prevent your VPN from disconnecting:

  1. Delete old VPN apps.
  2. Check for conflicts with your firewall and antivirus.
  3. Check for data-hungry software.
  4. Install a VPN on your router.
  5. Install a VPN on your router.

Why VPN gets disconnected frequently?

Your VPN software isn’t the latest version. The internet is too slow for a reliable connection. Your VPN is being blocked by your firewall or antivirus. There’s a conflict between your VPN and other software preventing connection.

What is error in FortiClient?

This error happens when there is either: an incorrect configuration setting in the FortiClient desktop app. a network device (home router or ISP) blocking the configuration.

How do you get FortiClient logs?

How to Export Your Fortclient Logs

  1. Open FortiClient.
  2. Click File > Settings.
  3. Under the “Logging” heading, click “Export Logs”
  4. Choose a convenient location to save the file, such as the Desktop, and enter a descriptive file name that includes the date.

Why is Cisco AnyConnect Login failed?

The “Login failed” error message appears when you have entered an incorrect or invalid username or password combination, when trying to log into the Campus or 2-factor VPN services, via the Web VPN gateway with your browser, or via the Cisco AnyConnect client.

How do I debug the Cisco AnyConnect virtual adapter?

Solution Find any intermediate drivers that are bound to the Cisco AnyConnect Virtual Adapter and uncheck them. Create a directory called c:\\vpnagent. Look at the Process tab in the Task Manager and determine the PID of the process in vpnagent.exe. Open a command prompt and change to the directory where you installed the debugging tools.

What should I do if the AnyConnect VPN client login script fails?

If you disconnect and log in again, then the login script runs fine. This is the expected behavior. When you connect the AnyConnect VPN Client to the ASA, you might receive this error: User not authorized for AnyConnect Client access, contact your administrator. This error is seen when the AnyConnect image is missing from the ASA.

How do I debug VPN agent?

By default, the debugging tools for Windows are located in C:\\Program Files\\Debugging Tools. Type cscript vpnagent4.vbs -crash -p PID -o c:\\vpnagent -nodumponfirst, where PID is the PID of vpnagent.exe. Let the open window run in minimized state. You cannot log off of the system while you are monitoring.

How do I configure the Cisco AnyConnect VPN agent to work?

Right-click My Computer > Manage > Services and Applications > Services > and select the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Agent. Right-click Properties, then log on, and select Allow service to interact with the desktop. This sets the registry Type value DWORD to 110 (default is 010) for the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Services\\vpnagent.