Who played in the 89 World Series?

Who played in the 89 World Series?

Oakland Athletics over San Francisco Giants (4-0)

Where did the Oakland A’s play in 1989?

Oakland Coliseum
The Series ran from October 14 through October 28, with the Athletics sweeping the Giants in four games….

1989 World Series
Venue Oakland Coliseum (Oakland) Candlestick Park (San Francisco)
MVP Dave Stewart (Oakland)

Who won the World Series in 1989?

Oakland Athletics1989 World Series / ChampionThe Oakland Athletics are an American professional baseball team based in Oakland, California. The Athletics compete in Major League Baseball as a member club of the American League West division. The team plays its home games at the Oakland Coliseum. Wikipedia

What manager has won the most World Series?

Joe McCarthy and Casey Stengel are the most successful World Series managers in history, having both guided teams to seven World Series championships. Joe McCarthy led his New York Yankees team to seven titles between 1931 and 1946.

Who did Kirk Gibson hit the homerun off of?

closer Dennis Eckersley
On Oct. 15, 1988, Kirk Gibson added to what had already been a memorable season for the Los Angeles Dodgers by hitting a walk-off home run against Oakland Athletics closer Dennis Eckersley in Game 1 of the 1988 World Series.

Is Kirk Gibson in the Hall of Fame?

One of the great receivers in Michigan State history, Kirk Gibson finished his All-American career as the school’s all-time leading receiver. He becomes the ninth Spartan player to be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.

What was the record of the Oakland Athletics in 1994?

The 1994 Oakland Athletics ‘ season was the team’s 27th season in Oakland, California. It was also the 94th season in franchise history. The team finished second in the American League West with a record of 51–63. The Athletics’ 1994 campaign ranks among the most unusual in franchise history.

Did you know there is a 1989 Oakland Athletics schedule available?

Did you know that a 1989 Oakland Athletics Schedule is available and it includes dates of every game played, scores of every game played, a cumulative record, and many hard to find splits (Monthly Splits, Team vs Team Splits & Score Related Splits)?

When did oak beat Mil?

May 12, OAK (23-11) beat MIL, 5-4 35. May 13, OAK (24-11) beat MIL, 4-3 36. May 14, OAK (24-12) lost to MIL, 1-2 37. May 15, OAK (25-12) beat MIL, 12-2 38. May 16, OAK (25-13) lost to NYY, 2-3

Who did oak beat in the Texas Open?

Sep 27, OAK (96-62) beat TEX, 5-0 159. Sep 28, OAK (97-62) beat TEX, 5-3 160. Sep 29, OAK (98-62) beat KCR, 4-3