Who owns Red Barn Pet Products?

Who owns Red Barn Pet Products?

Redbarn Pet Products is a family-owned business, started by two childhood best friends, Jeff Baikie and Howard Bloxam. Today, they are leading manufacturers in pet food, treats, and chews for dogs and cats.

Are red barn dog treats made in the USA?

90% of Redbarn products are grain-free and over 80% are made in the USA. Many Red Barn dog treats and chews contain functional ingredients to help address specific canine health needs.

Are Redbarn filled bones rawhide?

No matter what flavor you choose, Redbarn uses real beef femur bones that are naturally cleaned. These grain-free, rawhide-free treats are sure to satisfy your sidekick’s instincts to chew.

Are Redbarn pet products safe?

Family-owned Redbarn takes the safety of our products, pets, and customers as a number one concern. Redbarn employs an extensive Quality Assurance team that run over 400 safety tests on their products every week. All products are tested multiple times, for bacteria like Salmonella, coliforms, and enteros.

Where are Redbarn products made?

the USA
Our kibble and Air Dried recipes are made in the USA with globally sourced ingredients. You can call our customer service team at 800-775-3849 for specific souring information.

Are white knuckle bones good for dogs?

White Knuckle bones offer pups much needed mental stimulation, support muscle development, and promote strong dental health by massaging the gums and removing plaque and tartar buildup.

Are Redbarn bones safe for dogs?

Redbarn carries an extraordinary selection of safe beef bones for all dogs. You can look for our Classic White Bones and Meaty Bones for a more traditional bone. We also carry Redbarn Knuckle Bones and Knee Caps, which are fun alternatives to traditional bones because of their unique shapes.

Are Redbarn bones bleached?

Natural Chews for Natural Instincts They’re also naturally cleaned— bathed and slow-roasted until the meat falls off— without the use of bleach or other harsh chemicals. That’s why no two bones may be the exact same size, shape, or color, as every cow is unique, just like your pup.

Are Redbarn bones safe?

Are Redbarn filled bones safe for dogs?

Since we introduced them in 1996, Redbarn Filled Bones have been a best-selling chew that dogs love, protected by a patented filling process.

Can Redbarn dog food be frozen?

Once food roll has been opened, it’s recommended to store roll in the refrigerator for optimal freshness up to 1-2 weeks. You can also freeze rolls by simply slicing portions into sections and wrap individually before freezing. Thaw at room temperature before serving.

Are bones filled with peanut butter good for dogs?

Two-in-one, long-lasting treat—a bone to gnaw on and a tasty, soft filling on the inside. Made in the USA. Lip-smacking filling is made with delicious flavors dogs love like peanut butter….Guaranteed Analysis.

Crude Protein 20.0% min
Moisture 20.0% max

Are filled bones bad for dogs?

Recreational bones – big chunks of beef or bison femur or hip bones filled with marrow — don’t supply significant dietary nutrition for your dog (they are not designed to be chewed up and swallowed, only gnawed on), but they do provide mental stimulation and are great for your pup’s oral health.

Does Redbarn need to be refrigerated?

While unopened, you can safely store Rolled Food in your pantry. The unopened rolls will remain fresh until the expiration date is stamped on the package. Once opened, store the remaining portions in a sealed, air-tight container in the fridge or freezer. Rolls will remain fresh for one to two weeks…more.

Are Red Barn bones safe for dogs?

Why choose Redbarn pet products?

At Redbarn Pet Products, they work hard to ensure that they manufacture the highest quality pet food and treats. They invest time and money into their quality assurance (QA) programs: purchasing new machinery, hiring skilled and educated staff, and utilizing improved processing and testing protocols.

Where are Redbarn dog treats made?

Soon after, they began to manufacture grass-fed, free-range bully sticks for dogs to complement their rolled food. In 2010 they purchased a former ham factory in Great Bend, Kansas to better fill demand for Redbarn dog treats and food. Then, in 2013, Jeff and Howard created the grain-free Redbarn for Cats line.

Is Redbarn for cats grain free?

Then, in 2013, Jeff and Howard created the grain-free Redbarn for Cats line. Redbarn’s portfolio of 200+ products includes rolled and canned foods, bully sticks, bones, and more. Every day, Redbarn Pet Products strives to help their customers make educated and nutritious decisions for their dogs and cats.

Who is Redred barn feed&supply?

Red Barn Feed & Supply Inc., established in 1989 by Jerry and Betty Case, strives to provide a complete selection of products for the animal community of Palm Beach County. Horse feed, hay, and shavings, and products for both animals and their owners.