Which country has no Muslim?

Which country has no Muslim?

On 30 November 2016, Slovakia passed legislation to effectively block Islam from gaining official status as a religion in the country.

What percentage of Pakistanis Muslim?

96.2 percent
According to the 2017 Census, Muslims make up 96.2 percent of Pakistan’s population, Hindus 1.6 percent, Christians 1.59 percent, Scheduled Castes 0.25 percent, Ahmadis 0.22 percent, and other minorities 0.07 percent.

How did Pakistan become Muslim?

Pakistan became an Islamic state in 1973 when the new constitution made Islam the state religion. Under the earlier 1956 constitution Islam had been merely the “official” religion. Nineteen-seventy-three, in other words, represents Pakistan’s “Iran moment”—when the government made itself beholden to religious law.

Which countries are ally of Pakistan?

Pakistan’s economy is integrated into the world with strong trade ties to the EU and economic alliances and agreements with many Asian nations….International recognition of Pakistan.

Country Date of recognition
1 Iran 14 August 1947
2 Turkey 14 August 1947
3 Saudi Arabia 14 August 1947
4 Commonwealth 14 August 1947

What country has no mosque?

Since Greece gained independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1832, no government has allowed a mosque to be built in the city. It was seen by many as “un-Greek” – out of place in a country in which much more than 90% of the population are Orthodox Christians.

What are the top 3 religions in Pakistan?

Pakistan Bureau of Statistics released religious data of Pakistan Census 2017 on 19 May 2021. 96.47% are Muslims, followed by 2.14% Hindus, 1.27% Christians, 0.09% Ahmadis and 0.02% others. These are some maps of religious minority groups.

How can Pakistan maintain its relations with the Muslim world?

be to foster still closer relations with all the Muslim countries, especially those located in the Middle East. On the diplomatic front, Pakistan should convince the Muslim World that its survival is in the interest of the entire Ummah. Pakistan must convince Muslim states that it is the spirit and

Which countries does Pakistan have diplomatic relations with?

The Pakistani ambassador to Romania is accredited as a non-residential ambassador to Moldova. Pakistan maintains cordial diplomatic relations with Monaco. Pakistan formally recognized the Republic of Montenegro as a sovereign and independent state, following the request of its government on 23 October 2006. B

What is the relationship between Pakistan and other countries like Afghanistan?

Pakistan’s efforts for the independence movements of Indonesia, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Eritrea were significant and initially led to close ties between these countries and Pakistan. However, Pakistan also masterminded an attack on the Afghan city of Jalalabad during the Afghan Civil War to establish an Islamic government there.

Can Pakistan lead the Muslim world in Unity?

After Independence, Pakistan vigorously pursued bilateral relations with other Muslim countries and made a wholehearted bid for leadership of the Muslim world, or at least for leadership in achieving its unity.