Which column is best for HPLC?

Which column is best for HPLC?

Types of HPLC Columns A few of the most commonly used types are Normal-Phase HPLC Columns, Reverse-Phase HPLC Columns, Ion-Exchange HPLC Columns, Size Exclusion HPLC Columns, Affinity HPLC Columns, etc[1,2]. These HPLC columns separate the analytes based on polarity, pore size, affinity and ion charges.

Which brand HPLC is best?

Re: HPLC brand Waters and Agilent are good, or maybe the best two brands of HPLC. But in my country, the third is Shimadzu HPLC, a japanese brand, with good quality and much lower price then waters and agilent.

How many columns are in HPLC?

There are four types of HPLC columns used in liquid chromatography.

What are standard column in HPLC?

HPLC Instrument Considerations Standard columns for reversed phase, normal phase, and ion exchange chromatography typically range from 3.9 to 4.6 mm internal diameter and 15, 25, and 30 cm in length. Standard columns for gel permeation chromatography (GPC) are 7.8 mm by 30 cm. Flow rates are typically 1 to 2 mL/min.

How do I select an HPLC column?

These guidelines should help you make the right choice.

  1. Separation modes. Your first task in picking a column is selecting a separation chemistry.
  2. Column length. After you’ve decided on a column type, consider its length.
  3. Size and type of column particles.
  4. Throughput.

What is C8 and C18 column?

Definition. C8 column refers to a type of column used in the reverse-phase chromatography, containing octylsilane as its stationary phase, while the C18 column refers to another type of column used in the reverse-phase chromatography, containing octadecylsilance as the stationary phase.

What is price of HPLC?

₹ 1 Lakh Get Latest Price. Model Name/Number: HPLC. Brand: All. Usage/Application: Laboratory Use.

How much does an HPLC cost?

Capital costs are significant. You can get a “bare bones” HPLC for about $20K, but $40-50K is more typical by the time you throw in automation features and data analysis software. Conventional electrophoresis equipment is much cheaper, but a modern capillary electrophoresis setup isn’t.

Why we use C18 column in HPLC?

C18 is considered better for separating compounds such as long-chain fatty acids as compared to relatively small organic compounds. It is relatively cheap as it is produced in large amounts by most manufacturers.

What is the range of HPLC?

In this study, the HPLC hemoglobin reference ranges derived from 200 normal African American adults are expressed as follows: Hb A mean 93.6 percent (s.d. 1.3, ranges 89.8 to 95.2), Hb A1 mean 2.0 percent (s.d. 0.6, ranges 0.8 to 5.2), Hb F mean 3.2 percent (s.d. 0.7, ranges 1.7 to 5.3) and Hb A2 mean 1.2 percent (s.d. …

What is C18 column in HPLC?

C18 columns are HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography) columns that use a C18 substance as the stationary phase. C18 HPLC columns are used in environmental sciences and chemical analysis, as well as industries such as pharmaceutical and environmental sciences, to analyze individual parts of chemical mixtures.

What is phenyl column?

Phenyl columns are first reversed-phase columns, and give retention just as other reversed-phase columns. Next they give specific retention increments for analytes that interact via pi-pi interactions, or a lack of increment for analytes that do not have such specific interactions.

Why is HPLC expensive?

Cost and Complexity Although it is relatively easy to use existing HPLC methods, it can be complex to troubleshoot problems or to develop new methods. This is largely because of the array of different modules, columns and mobile phases.

What is the cost of HPLC in India?

Lcgc Chromatography Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Top Hplc System Price List Expected Price
ShimadzU 1100 INR 600000.00
Agilent 1200 HPLC INR 650000.00
HPLC System for Industrial Use INR 220000.00
Refurbished 2695 HPLC Waters Alliance System INR 850000.00

Is HPLC a costly?

What are C4 C8 and C18 columns?

What is C4 column?

YMC-Pack C4 (Butyl) columns are less hydrophobic than C8 or C18 packings, and generally utilize more aqueous eluents than either of these reversed phase column types. When compared to C8 and C18 columns using the same eluent, C4 columns show significantly shorter retention for non-polar compounds.

What are the price groups of HPLC columns?

HPLC-Columns Phase Codes & Price Groups µBondapak 125 Å 10 µm BOS18N / 2 BOS41N /  BOS11N /  Spherisorb 80 Å 3 µm 5 µm 10 µm 32 ID Length Dimension mm mm Code1 2 3 2.0     30 030030219.00 € 250.00 € 255.00 € 33 030033219.00 € 250.00 € 255.00 € 50 030050219.00 € 250.00 € 255.00 € 53 030053219.00 € 250.00 € 255.00 €

What is the size of HPLC column?

HPLC-Columns Phase Codes & Price Groups Inertsil 5 µm 10 µm 26 ID Length Dimension mm mm Code1 2 3 4 5 6 1.0        30 020030198.00 € 224.00 € 206.00 € 213.00 € 245.00 € 238.00 € 33 020033198.00 € 224.00 € 206.00 € 213.00 € 245.00 € 238.00 € 50 020050198.00 € 224.00 € 206.00 € 213.00 € 245.00 € 238.00 €

What are the phase codes for HPLC columns?

HPLC-Columns Phase Codes & Price Groups VDSpher® OptiBio Phase 5 µm 10 µm* 15 µm* OptiBio 300 C4-E OBK041J / 8 OBK041N / OBK041Q /  OptiBio 200 C18-E OBH181J / 8 OBH181N / 7 OptiBio 200 C18-NE OBH18EJ / 8 OBH18EN /  OptiBio 200 C18-V OBH189J / 8 OBH189N /  OptiBio 300 C18-E OBK181J / 8 OBK181N / 7 OBK181Q / 

What is the use of HPLC column in medical centers?

This HPLC column is highly used for chromatography in various medical centers. The provided HPLC column is mainly used in oven to maintain and read more… read more…