Where are Prefab Sprout from?

Where are Prefab Sprout from?

Witton Gilbert, United KingdomPrefab Sprout / OriginWitton Gilbert is a village and civil parish in County Durham, England. Wikipedia

Who were Prefab Sprout?

Paddy McAloonGuitar
Martin McAloonBass guitarWendy SmithGuitarNeil ContiDrum Kit
Prefab Sprout/Members

Are Prefab Sprout still together?

The band’s other popular songs include “When Love Breaks Down” and “Cars and Girls”. In recent years, Paddy McAloon has retained the Prefab Sprout name as a solo project….

Prefab Sprout
Years active 1978–present
Labels Kitchenware EMI Liberty Epic (US)
Members Paddy McAloon

Who produced Prefab Sprout?

Thomas Dolby
Thomas Dolby, producer Then Prefab Sprout’s Don’t Sing came on. I’d never heard anything like it. Paddy’s ideas seemed detached from everything except maybe a mid-20th-century American novel.

What year was Prefab Sprout?

Prefab Sprout’s first album, Swoon, was released in March 1984. Shortly after Swoon’s release, drummer Neil Conti joined the group, and Thomas Dolby was tapped to produce the second Prefab Sprout album, 1985’s Steve McQueen (retitled Two Wheels Good in the U.S. due to litigation from the late actor’s estate).

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Where is Paddy McAloon now?

Personal life. As of September 2013, McAloon resides in his native County Durham with his wife and three daughters.

How old is Paddy McAloon?

65 years (June 7, 1957)Paddy McAloon / Age

What happened to Wendy from Prefab Sprout?

Wendy Smith (born 31 May 1963) is an English musician, best known as being a singer and guitarist in the band Prefab Sprout. In 2015, she became the director of creative learning at The Sage in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, England.

Who was the lead singer of Prefab Sprout?

Paddy McAloon
Patrick Joseph McAloon (born 7 June 1957) is an English singer-songwriter and a founder of the band Prefab Sprout….

Paddy McAloon
Birth name Patrick Joseph McAloon
Born 7 June 1957 County Durham, England
Genres Pop, new wave
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter

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Is Paddy McAloon married?

Where was Paddy McAloon born?

County Durham, United KingdomPaddy McAloon / Place of birth

Was Paddy McAloon and Wendy Smith in a relationship?

The band have released just one album in the past decade, 1997’s Andromeda Heights; the inactivity forced Paddy’s brother Martin and his ex-girlfriend Wendy Smith to take up teaching (though Martin is still with the band). McAloon himself made ends meet by writing songs for Cher and Jimmy Nail.

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When did swoon by Prefab Sprout come out?

Swoon (Prefab Sprout album) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Swoon is the debut studio album by the English pop band Prefab Sprout, released in March 1984 by Kitchenware Records. Written over a period of seven years, the record was produced with David Brewis on a low budget.

What was the original name of Prefab Sprout?

By 1978, the name had changed to Prefab Sprout, a name McAloon had created years earlier when, he has said, “all the groups had names like that”. The band first played live in 1979, having been joined by drummer Michael Salmon.

When did Prefab Sprout release Let’s change the world with music?

Prefab Sprout’s first album of new material since 2001, Let’s Change the World with Music, was released on 7 September 2009. The album is actually a collection of McAloon solo demos originally recorded in the early 1990s, intended for an unmade full band Prefab Sprout album.

Is there hope for over-50s with Prefab sprouts?

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