What was The Smiths biggest song?

What was The Smiths biggest song?

1: There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (1985) Only a truly timeless track can top the list of best The Smiths songs, and There Is A Light That Never Goes out is just that.

How many Smiths songs are there?

The English rock band the Smiths recorded 74 songs during their five-year career, which included 70 originals and 4 covers.

What kind of music do The Smiths play?

The Smiths
Origin Manchester, England
Genres Indie rock jangle pop post-punk alternative rock
Years active 1982–1987
Labels Rough Trade Sire

Who sang in The Smiths?

The original members were lead singer Morrissey (original name Steven Patrick Morrissey; b. May 22, 1959, Manchester, England), guitarist Johnny Marr (original name John Maher; b. October 31, 1963, Manchester), bassist Andy Rourke (b. 1963, Manchester), and drummer Mike Joyce (b.

What bands have covered The Smiths?

Kitten – ‘Panic’

  • Quicksand – ‘How Soon Is Now?’
  • At The Drive-In – ‘This Night Has Opened My Eyes’
  • Jeff Buckley – ‘I Know It’s Over’
  • Kirsty MacColl – ‘You Just Haven’t Earned It Yet Baby’
  • Xiu Xiu – ‘Asleep’
  • Schneider tm – ‘The Light 3000’
  • Harry Hill – ‘This Charming Man’
  • What is Morrissey’s favorite Smiths song?

    Last Night I Dreamed That Somebody Loved Me (album track from Strangeways, Here We Come, 1987) Morrissey’s favourite Smiths song.

    Are The Smiths a punk band?

    Punk as a mindset, an attitude, to me is an offshoot of rock n roll, and can be applied to lots of groups who don’t traditionally play ‘punk’ music e.g. Public Enemy / Johnny Cash / Sleaford Mods. The Smiths aren’t a punk band.

    What band was Morrissey in?

    The Smiths1982 – 1987
    Slaughter & the DogsThe Nosebleeds1977 – 1978
    Morrissey/Music groups

    Who has sampled the Smiths?

    Abel Tesfaye, alias The Weeknd, has released his first full bit of new material in absolutely yonks. Last night, Tesfaye took to Twitter to write “NYC three shows back to back starts tonight. and for the fans that can’t make it, i got something for you.

    Who is on the cover of Louder Than Bombs The Smiths?

    playwright Shelagh Delaney
    Packaging. The cover art for Louder Than Bombs, designed by Morrissey, features British playwright Shelagh Delaney of Salford, Greater Manchester. The photograph was originally published in the Saturday Evening Post after Delaney, at the age of 19, made her literary debut with the play A Taste of Honey.

    Which bands does Morrissey like?

    He focused solely on the seventies and outside of a couple of choices, Morrissey takes his picks from the experimental rock and early punk that swelled in the underbelly of New York in the seventies. As many will know Morrissey was an avid fan of the New York Dolls and was even the UK fan club’s president.

    What type of music is Morrissey?

    Alternative/IndieMorrissey / Genre

    What bands have covered the Smiths?

    What songs have the Smiths covered?

    The Smiths: who has performed the best cover versions of their…

    • I Know It’s Over – Jeff Buckley.
    • The Headmaster Ritual – Radiohead.
    • This Charming Man – Death Cab for Cutie.
    • Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before – Mark Ronson feat. Daniel Merriweather.

    Who is the girl on Louder Than Bombs cover?

    author Shelagh Delaney
    The Smiths – Louder Than Bombs (16 March 1987) The cover features the author Shelagh Delaney, who penned Morrissey favourite A Taste Of Honey, taken from the Saturday Evening Post of 21 October 1961. She also appeared on the cover of Girlfriend In A Coma.

    Who is on the cover of hatful hollow?

    The individual on the cover photo of Hatful Of Hollow, taken by Gilles Decroix, is one Fabrice Colette, who is sporting a tattoo of a drawing by the French writer and filmmaker Jean Cocteau.

    There’s no other rock & roll story like theirs – going back to the day in 1982 when Johnny knocked on the door of the local literary recluse and announced, “I’ve come to form the world’s greatest band.” So let’s break it down: all 73 Smiths songs, ranked from bottom to top. The hits. The flops. The glorious highs. The gruesome lows.

    What is the best line in a Smiths song?

    This muse inspires the whole band to rock out, with one of the most non-tragic sexual encounters in any Smiths song: “It took a tattooed boy from Birkenhead to really, really open her eyes.” Best line: “How come someone hasn’t noticed that I’m dead and decided to bury me?

    How many songs do you listen to at the bar?

    Here are 14 songs no one ever gets tired of hearing at the bar, from some of our favorite barflys. “Michael McDonald is a god and has the best beard in the game.”

    When did the Smiths break up?

    It’s time the tale were told: 30 years ago this week, the Smiths broke up, and the world has never stopped mourning their demise. There’s no other rock & roll story like theirs – going back to the day in 1982 when Johnny knocked on the door of the local literary recluse and announced, “I’ve come to form the world’s greatest band.”