What items are eligible for roll up the rim?

What items are eligible for roll up the rim?

Eligible items include hot drinks, cold drinks, breakfast sandwiches and wraps. Plus, if you place an eligible mobile order you get an additional “Roll.” Ain’t that bad if you’re looking for some free stuff! Oh, and apparently every roll is a winner.

Why did they change roll up the rim?

Tim Hortons is making changes to its Roll Up the Rim contest this year to reduce waste and encourage customers to bring their own mugs.

What are the chances of winning roll up the rim?

While it’s only $25 in 2020 as opposed to $50 in 2019, your odds of winning one have gone up from 1 in 5,305 last year to 1 in 3,275.

How do you get roll up the rim without buying?

No purchase necessary! If you want to play Tim Hortons Roll Up To Win without spending any money, there’s actually a way to do that. While you have to have a minimum purchase of $0.50 with eligible orders to earn rolls, you can send a free mail-in request to get them with no purchase necessary.

How do you play Roll up the rim without buying?

According to the rules of the contest, your mail-in request needs to include your first name, last name and email address along with a statement about what you want. You can ask for one roll or multiple rolls only if there’s a bonus offer happening when you send the request.

Why is there no roll up the rim?

NEW YORK – Tim Hortons U.S. announced changes today to its Roll Up The Rim To Win promotion running from March 11 to April 7, 2020. Tim Hortons is eliminating paper Roll Up The Rim cups due to the current public health environment and redistributing over 1 million prizes to the digital Roll Up The Rim promotion.

Is roll up the rim only in Canada?

Despite all of the confusion so far, Roll Up The Rim is a Canadian tradition, and you know you’ll be missing out if you don’t try it at least once this year!

When did roll up the rim change?

Has anyone ever won a car from Tim Hortons?

Stratford’s Rick Annen Rolled Up and Won a brand new 2022 Volkswagon Taos Highline through the annual Tim Hortons promotion Thursday morning.

What are the prizes for Roll up the Rim 2022?

What is this? Prizes available to be won include 15 2022 Volkswagen Taos Highline vehicles, over 900 getaways, over $15 million in gift cards and promo codes, plus about 14 million free coffees or donuts, and 45,000 $25 Tim Cards (see more below).

Where do you scan Tim Hortons cups?

There will be no more fiddling with your thumbs or using your teeth on the rim of a Tim’s coffee cup. The company is officially getting rid of printed messages under the rolled up coffee cup rims, moving to a scan of your loyalty card or on the Tim’s app to reflect the change.

Is roll up the rim happening in 2021?

Roll Up the Rim 2021 Tim Hortons: Sept Roll Up to Win Prizes, Dates, Rules. For only the second time in history, you will have the chance to play Tim Hortons Roll Up the Rim 2021 (now known as Roll Up to Win 2021) again this year, starting September 20.

How do you play 2021 roll up the rim?

You’ll need to create a Tims Rewards account or log in to play. Then, in the app or online, you swipe up on a cup to roll it up or tap “RRROLL for Me” and see what you won. You can even send rolls you don’t use to family and friends.

How do you get free rolls at Tim Hortons?

How to Play Tim Hortons Roll Up the Rim 2022. Every Roll Wins with Roll Up To Win 2022 from March 7 to April 3, 2022. Just scan your Tims App or physical Tims Rewards card when you make an eligible purchase during your next Tims run or use the Tims App to place an eligible mobile or delivery order.

Is roll up the rim back 2022?

Tim Hortons is gearing up to give Canadians the opportunity to win over $100 million in prizes via Roll Up the Rim 2022 (now known officially as Roll Up to Win 2022), which begins March 7 and ends April 3.

Is Tim Hortons Roll up the rim over?

What is Tims roll up the rim?

Since then, Roll Up The Rim has run as a digital program, allowing customers to virtually “roll up” their “rims” using the company’s own Tims Rewards app. ‘Member when you rolled the rim of your cup and won a prize instead of scanning an app and winning a coupon you won’t use?

What is the prize for roll up to win?

In this year’s Roll Up To Win game, the dreaded “ Please Play Again ” message has been retired and every Roll wins. The prize pool includes exciting grand prizes, free coffees and donuts, and new this year, digital prizes like Tims Rewards points and subscriptions to popular streaming services.

Can you roll up the rim at Tim Hortons?

@TimHortons pull your doughnut filled brains out of your ass and put the “roll up the rim” rims back on the cups “Roll Up To Win™ is back at participating Tim Hortons restaurants in Canada from March 7 to April 3. Download the Tims App and scan for Tims Rewards to play!”