What is the orange button on the top of my Kyocera phone?

What is the orange button on the top of my Kyocera phone?

Another programmable button, colored orange and labeled a SOS button, is found on the top with a 3.5mm audio port and cover on the left side of the top.

What is the red button on Kyocera?

For example, you can assign the flashlight app to the red button. Press the button to turn on the flashlight and open the flashlight app. With the app open, you can keep pressing the button to turn the flashlight on and off, to send Morse code or turn your phone into a strobe light.

How do I setup my Kyocera phone?

Kyocera DuraXV LTE – Activate / Set Up Device

  1. Select a language option then select. Set.
  2. On the Full Readout screen, select an option then select. Set.
  3. On the “Phone activation” screen, Verify the 10-digit mobile phone number then press the.
  4. On the “Verizon Cloud” screen, press the.
  5. On the “Ready to go” screeen, select.

How do I delete messages on my Kyocera flip phone?

Kyocera DuraXV LTE – Delete Messages

  1. From the main screen, select. Menu. .
  2. Select. .
  3. Select a conversation.
  4. Select a message then press the. right soft key. to select Options.
  5. Select. Edit Message. .
  6. Press the. right soft key. to choose Delete.
  7. Select. Delete. .

What do you do when your Kyocera wont turn on?

Alternate Method

  1. If the device is unresponsive, press and hold the. Power button. (on the right edge) for approximately 10 seconds or until the device power cycles.
  2. Allow several seconds for the reboot process to complete. If your device won’t power back on, partially charge the device then retry.

Where is the power button on a Kyocera phone?

Press and hold down the power button (on the right side, top of the phone) to turn on the power.

What does lock mean on Kyocera flip phone?

The Phone Lock feature helps prevent unauthorized use of the device by disabling outbound data and making calls. The device is still able to receive calls and place emergency 911 calls.

How do I put in my SIM card on a Kyocera phone?

From the left edge of the device (display facing down), open the SIM/microSD card slot cover. Ensure the gold contacts are facing the screen, the notch is located in the lower-left and the card clicks into place when inserting it. Press in on the SIM card to release then remove.

How do you save pictures on a Kyocera flip phone?

DuraXV / DuraXV+ by Kyocera – Save a Picture / Video Message

  1. From the main screen, select. Menu. .
  2. Select. Messaging. then select.
  3. Select. Inbox. .
  4. Select a message then select. OPEN. .
  5. Press the. Right soft key. to choose Options.
  6. Select Save Picture or Save Video.

How do I get pictures off my Kyocera flip phone?

How to Get a Picture Off of a Kyocera Phone

  1. Connect the Kyocera phone to your computer using a USB cable.
  2. Select “Start,” then “My Computer.” Double-click the Kyocera phone’s icon in the “My Computer” window.
  3. Locate the picture you want to move, then drag the file to the computer’s desktop.

Is there a reset button on a Kyocera phone?

Press and hold the “Volume Down” and “Power” keys simultaneously. Release the “Power” key when the phone vibrates. Release the “Volume Down” key when the Android recovery screen appears. Press the “Volume Down” key to highlight “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” and press “Power” to confirm the selection.

How do you force restart a Kyocera?

To perform a device restart, press and hold the Power button, then tap Restart. Note: If your phone is unresponsive, press and hold the Power button and both volume buttons down simultaneously for 30 seconds to perform a hard reset (reboot) on your phone.

Where is the battery in Kyocera phone?

Make sure your warranty has expired before performing this repair. Starting near the lower area of the phone, carefully press the battery towards the top of the phone and then lift up. Lift the battery up and over the top of the phone to expose the battery cable and port.

How do you fix a Kyocera phone that won’t turn on?

How do I turn on my Kyocera Android?

TURN ON DEVICE: Press and hold the Power/Lock button until the screen lights up. Note: If you are unable to turn your device on, plug the device into a power source for 15 minutes and then try again. TURN OFF DEVICE: Press and hold the Power/Lock button.

What is the lock symbol on my Android?

The lock appears when your screen could lock, and an open lock appears when connected to a trusted device. I’m guessing if you turn the feature off altogether the icon will go away. Hope that helps. Correct Answer!

How to turn on a Kyocera phone?

Force reboot the phone. In the matter of system crash or app crash,force reboot the phone should clear it all out.

  • Charge the phone. If the battery is depleted,then charging the phone will clear this issue.
  • Boot into Safe Mode.
  • Boot into Recovery Mode.
  • Is Kyocera a good phone brand?

    Kyocera’s are some of the best phones I’ve ever had, both normal and rugged. I’ve wanted this one since it came out, but hate contract pricing so just had to be patient. Without a doubt a solid military grade phone that doesn’t force all of the “bloatware” of Apple and Samsung.

    How do I unlock my Kyocera phone?

    – Unlock your Kyocera Android phones when forgot the password. – Remove Pattern lock or Face lock or Pin. – Hard Reset Kyocera Mobile. – Wipe all data on your Kyocera mobile. – Unlock password without data loss. – Kyocera Mobile recovers the password.

    How to fix a Kyocera phone?

    Start by t urning off the device.

  • Now,press a said combination of buttons to access recovery mode i.e.
  • Hold the buttons until an Android logo or a window showing Recovery mode comes into the display and then,release it.
  • Next up,use the power button to select an option and volume buttons to scroll among the menu.