What is OptiStruct used for?

What is OptiStruct used for?

Altair® OptiStruct® It is used globally at industry-leading companies to drive design with optimization and validate structural performance. Commercially introduced in 1994, OptiStruct is a first-to-market simulation technology that seamlessly integrates structural optimization and analysis.

What are two methods of topology Optimisation?

In the scientific literature, there are numerous techniques to perform a topology optimization; the two most popular methods are the Solid Isotropic Material with Penalization (SIMP) technique and the Evolutionary Structural Optimization (ESO) technique.

What do you mean by topology optimization?

Topology optimization (TO) is a mathematical method that optimizes material layout within a given design space, for a given set of loads, boundary conditions and constraints with the goal of maximizing the performance of the system.

What is Simp method?

The SIMP method predicts an optimal material distribution within a given design space, for given load cases, boundary conditions, manufacturing constraints, and performance requirements.

Why topology optimization is important?

Topology optimization enables designers to achieve a careful balance between strength and affordability, determining how to create a part that’s sufficiently strong using the least material possible. It does so in a way that would be incredibly difficult to achieve without the help of a computer.

Why topology optimization is done?

Topology form optimization allows for creating complicated structures with the optimum stiffness-to-weight ratio while utilizing the least amount of material. In addition, they may be made using both additive and subtractive manufacturing techniques.

What is the difference between topology optimization and shape optimization?

The topology optimization part involves linear static finite element assumptions whilst the shape optimization part involves both linear and nonlinear finite element analysis. Furthermore multi-objective shape optimization is performed where both equivalent plastic strain and fatigue life are treated.

What is optimization in FEA?

Design optimization is one of the largest advantages of finite element analysis (FEA). Though gaining a strong understanding of the performance of your product with FEA you can reduce material, prevent stress concentrations, remove bottlenecks, and attain desirable performance attributes.

What is topological design?

Topological Design is concerned with the functionality of an object or device derived from its shape rather than the material it is made from.

What is the difference between topology optimization and generative design?

Topology Optimization is used when you have a shape that you want to make lighter — and don’t really care about much else. Generative Design is when you don’t know the shape you want and ask the computer to give you a lot of options, taking into consideration things like the desired material and manufacturing method.

What are the benefits of topology optimization?

Benefits of Topology Optimization

  • Cost Reduction.
  • Short Product Development Cycle.
  • Weight Reduction.
  • Scalable and Complex Designs.
  • Sustainability.
  • Complex Designs.
  • Initial Costs.
  • Expensive Manufacturing.

What is structure optimization?

Structural optimization is a discipline dealing with optimal design of load-carrying mechanical structures.

What is structural topology optimization?

Topology optimization (TO) is the most general type of structural optimization, being performed in the initial phases of the design. All the feasible domain is considered, the aim being to find the most advantageous material distribution inside this domain, with respect to the design objectives.

What is topology optimization in Ansys?

The optimal shape of a part is often organic and counterintuitive; ANSYS topology optimization technology lets you specify where supports and loads are located on a volume of material and lets the software find the best shape.

Is solidworks generative design?

GENERATIVE DESIGN FOR SOLIDWORKS It leverages the core Pareto technology to generate early designs concept that balance constraints, objectives, product performance, resources, and time constraints.

Is topology useful in engineering?

Topology was invented as a tool for achieving, inter alia: Qualitative analysis: Set-theoretic topology identifies properties (e.g., compactness, connectedness) useful in extensions of analysis beyond finite-dimensional Euclidean space (e.g., manifolds, functional analysis, calculus of variations).

What are the types of structural optimization?

The problem of structural optimization can basically be categorized into three types, Sizing (mass), Shape and Topology (layout).

Why structural optimization is important?

Structural optimization has over the past decades qualified as an important tool in the design process. The method can be grouped into topology, size and shape optimization. The objective of the optimization can be to minimize the stresses weight or compliance for a given amount of material and boundary conditions.

Is structural optimization the same as topology optimization?