What is a scorch shot?

What is a scorch shot?

The Scorch Shot is a community-created secondary weapon for the Pyro. It is a flare gun with a gray barrel, an orange painted muzzle, and a black grip held in place with pins on the underside of the barrel.

Is the detonator better than the flare gun?

Because of the 50% extra damage to self, the Detonator deals more knockback to the user, allowing Pyro to jump greater distances in comparison to other flare guns. However, it deals more damage to the Pyro than the other flare guns, limiting the frequent usage of this technique without a supply of health.

Is the flare gun better than the scorch shot?

the scorch shot is great against snipers, or teams that are running an offense/defense corner for knocking them back and minicritting groups. the flare is good against single, mid-range targets. it moves too slowly to be used at long range, and doesn’t have the explosion from the scorch shot to help if it misses.

Is the Detonator good tf2?

I did find that the detonator is useful in terms of combat effectiveness when used in tandem with fire AND reflected projectiles. The fire and rockets alone deal a little over 130-150, and adding another 30 is really just icing in the cake to secure a kill.

Is the detonator good tf2?

Is the Dragon Fury rare?

Fire damage is effective against nature enemies, but weak against water enemies….The Quarry – The Loop.

Dragon’s Fury
Rarity Legendary
Class Explosive Weapons
Weapon Type Dragon Weapons
Source Spring Llama, Birthday Llama

What is the best modifier for the Sky Dragon’s Fury?

Its best modifier is Godly or Demonic. Both modifiers increase the average damage output by the same amount.

What is the best Pyro melee?

Powerjack is pretty good, Back Scratcher is handy, Axtinguisher is fun (though a bit clunky), Neon Annihlator is situational but fun when it works, 3rd Degree and Sharpened Volcano Fragment are pointless, and Homewrecker is great if you really wanna help your fellow engineers, but isn’t much good otherwise.

Can you reflect Dragons fury?

As the Dragon’s Fury’s projectile is considered a modified rocket, the fireball can be reflected by enemy Pyros, and vaporized by the Short Circuit.

What drops from Betsy Terraria?

0.1: Added Master Mode exclusive drops: the Betsy Relic will always drop on death, and Betsy’s Egg, which spawns the Itsy Betsy pet, has a 25% chance of dropping as well.