What do the 3 stooges say?

What do the 3 stooges say?

“Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk” of course! It’s the most famous of the Three Stooges catchphrases, uttered by Curly in many of the team’s 190 short films. The phrase—and others like “woo-woo-woo!,” “soitenly!” and the much loved dog bark—came from a variety of sources.

What was Curly Howard’s last film?

Half-Wits Holiday
1946 stroke Half-Wits Holiday (released 1947) was Howard’s final appearance as an official member of the Stooges. During filming on May 6, 1946, he suffered a severe stroke while sitting in director Jules White’s chair, waiting to film the last scene of the day.

How were Three Stooges sound effects?

“They were likely miked from overhead, three or four feet away, with the mic on a boom, because you can hear a little of the roominess of those sounds, which is why they blended so well into the natural sounds of the production track.

Who is the main character in The Three Stooges?

The act began in the early 1920s as part of a vaudeville comedy act billed as “Ted Healy and His Stooges”, consisting originally of Ted Healy and Moe Howard. Over time, they were joined by Moe’s brother, Shemp Howard, and then Larry Fine.

Who said why Soitenly?


When did Curly have his first stroke?

May 6, 1946
During filming on May 6, 1946, Curly suffered a severe stroke while sitting in director Jules White’s chair while waiting to film the last scene of the day. When Curly was called by the assistant director to take the stage, he did not answer.

How old was Curly Howard when he passed?

48 years (1903–1952)Curly Howard / Age at death

Who was the most popular of the Three Stooges?

Curly Howard
Healy was scathing. With all the foresight and perception that comes with drinking Wild Turkey for breakfast, he took one look at the future Curly Howard, the most beloved of all the Stooges, and dismissed him as not funny.

Who did the sound effects for the Three Stooges shorts?

Director Edward Bernds has credited Mr. Henrie as the Sound Effects Editor who supplied the sound effects (slaps, punches, eye-pokes, etc.) for the Three Stooges’ Columbia Pictures movie shorts.

Is The Three Stooges on Netflix?

Rent The Three Stooges: Curly Classics (1945) on DVD and Blu-ray – DVD Netflix.

What does Soitenly mean?

soitenly (comparative more soitenly, superlative most soitenly) Pronunciation spelling of certainly, representing New York City English.

Did the Three Stooges talk?

Although The Three Stooges are best known for their physical comedy, the group’s dialogue is also highly quotable, with many of their lines (or signature nonverbal vocalizations) having become popular catchphrases.

What is the best Three Stooges episode?

Top 20 Three Stooges Shorts

  • Punch Drunks (1934) G | 17 min | Short, Comedy, Sport.
  • Men in Black (1934) Passed | 19 min | Comedy, Short.
  • Three Little Beers (1935)
  • Disorder in the Court (1936)
  • Violent Is the Word for Curly (1938)
  • A Plumbing We Will Go (1940)
  • I’ll Never Heil Again (1941)
  • Back from the Front (1943)

Who was the best Curly of Three Stooges?

‘The Three Stooges’ Movie Review, And Which Third Stooge Was Best…

  • Curly Howard. No contest.
  • Shemp Howard. Not bad, but a little too elastic.
  • Joe Palma. After Shemp died of a heart attack in 1955, Palma was his body double (with wig and makeup) for four short films.
  • Joe DeRita. Derivative?
  • Joe Besser.