What are the best seats at Etihad Stadium?

What are the best seats at Etihad Stadium?

Without a doubt, the Longside lower tier category offer the best seating options and views to enjoy a Manchester City match. These seats are located on upper tiers of the Longside stands at the Etihad stadium (the Collin Bell Stand and East Stand). The view is unobstructed and still very good despite the height.

Where do the away fans sit at the Etihad?

Away fans are located in one side of the South Stand at one end of the ground, spread across the upper, middle, and lower tiers, where up to 3,000 fans can be accommodated (4,500 for cup games).

Where do man City fans sit?

Away fans visiting the Etihad Stadium are located in three tiers on one side of the South Stand, with a typical allocation of around 3,000.

What was Etihad Stadium originally called?

the Docklands Stadium
Etihad Stadium has had many names, with it’s currently being Marvel Stadium, changed to this in 2018. Before this, it was also known as the Docklands Stadium thanks to its location. Its previous sponsored names included the Colonial Stadium and Telstra Dome.

What are short side tickets?

Short-side Lower tier. These seats are located behind each goal (East and West Stands) on the first 2 tiers. The view from this category is great. Short-side Upper tier. The cheapest tickets at Old Trafford are located on the Short-side Upper tier category, behind each goal. (

Is Etihad Stadium covered?

over a year ago. From memory yes it is roofed.

Can you take food into Etihad Stadium?

Access into the Etihad Stadium is allowed with a valid concert ticket only. Food and drink is available to buy in and around the City Square Fanzone and inside the stadium. You cannot bring your own food and drink into the stadium.

Is Etihad Stadium cashless?

CASHLESS PAYMENT All payments inside and outside the stadium will be contactless (we accept credit/debit cards). Cash will no longer be accepted.

How far is Etihad from Old Trafford?

4 miles
The distance between Old Trafford and Etihad Campus is 4 miles.

Has the Etihad got a roof?

Where is the best seat in a football stadium?

The best seats for any NFL game will differ from stadium to stadium, so if you know which NFL stadium you are attending you should read the specific NFL seating chart reviews above. Nonetheless, as a general rule of thumb, the best football seats are close to the 50 yard line and are roughly between rows 10 and 20.

Can I smoke in Etihad Stadium?

8.1 The stadium is a no smoking stadium, smoking or the use of electronic cigarettes is strictly forbidden. 9. Mobile telephones are permitted within the venue, provided that they are used for personal and private use only.

Is Etihad Stadium real grass?

Once completed, the pitch will be reinforced with SIS Grass for the first time, and installed by SIS Pitches – another north west based company. Excavation saw the pitch level dropped by almost half a metre, removing around 6,000 tonnes of rootzone, sand, gravel and clay.

Can you drink alcohol in Etihad Stadium?

In terms of drink, you are expressly forbidden from bring your own. It’s only £4 for a pint of lager or cider, which is a lot better than many stadiums these days.

Can I bring a bag to Etihad Stadium?

The Etihad Stadium bag policy allows small handheld bags up to 12” x 8 ”x3” (or A4 size). The stadium prohibits visitors from bringing backpacks, holdalls, rucksacks, and similar bags of any size.

Are bags allowed in Etihad Stadium?

WHAT CAN I BRING WITH ME? Backpacks, holdalls, rucksacks, or other similar items of any size, large or small, will not be allowed into the stadium. Small handheld bags, no larger than A4 size (12”x8”x3”) will be accepted.

What is the seating capacity of the Etihad Stadium?

Seat Block 122. Seat Block 207. The City of Manchester Stadium is also known as the Etihad Stadium. It is the home ground of Manchester City Football Club, the fifth-largest stadium in the Premier League and the twelfth-largest in the United Kingdom, with a seating capacity of 47,805.

How do I explore the Etihad Stadium?

Explore all the rows and seats in each section of the stadium. You can also browse between the various Etihad Stadium stadium layouts and read real fan reviews on the various sections of the stadium.

Are headsets available at the Etihad Stadium?

Complimentary headsets are provided at the Etihad Stadium upon request to enable blind or partially sighted supporters to listen to the audio match commentary; these can be ordered through the Club’s Access Officer. An induction loop system is installed at the Etihad Stadium South Stand Ticket Office which is used by visiting supporters

How do fans rate the seat blocks at Etihad Stadium Manchester?

From the ratings submitted, Seat Blocks at Etihad Stadium Manchester have been given an average rating of 3.4 out of 5. This is how our site users rate the seat blocks at Etihad Stadium Manchester. Seat block 122 gets the best rating at Etihad Stadium Manchester. Click for more information.