Is there a Chevy S10 SS?

Is there a Chevy S10 SS?

As a high-performance version of the S10, the SS only came in three colors on introduction: Summit White, Apple Red or Onyx Black. Chevy discontinued the SS after 1998, culminating a five-year run.

What does the S mean in Chevy S10?

The Chevrolet S10, also known as the S-10 or S-Series, is a midsize pickup truck marketed by General Motors since 1981 primarily across the Americas. The S10 was introduced for the first time in North America as the S-10. A variant of that model launched several years later in South America.

How much horsepower does a 1995 Chevy S10 have?

118 to 195 hp1995 Chevrolet S-10 / Horsepower

How much is a 1994 Chevy S10 SS worth?

1994 Chevrolet S-10 appraisal values can range from $576 – $1,361.

What is a S10 Xtreme?

The Xtreme is the direct descendent of the “Hugger” concept truck that toured the auto show circuit a few years ago. It adds special body and suspension parts that give it a contemporary street rod look and sports car handling. Technically, the Xtreme is not a separate model, but an option package.

How much horsepower does a 4.3 Vortec have?

GM 4.3 Liter V6 Vortec LU3 Engine

Type: 4.3L Gen1e V6 (LU3)
Fuel system: Sequential fuel injection
Fuel type: Regular unleaded
Horsepower hp (kW)
Chevrolet Express: 195 hp (145 kW) @ 4600 RPM

How much horsepower does a Chevy S10 Xtreme have?

Used 2002 Chevrolet S-10 LS Xtreme Specs & Features

Horsepower 190 hp @ 4,400 rpm
Torque 250 lb-ft @ 2,800 rpm
Valves 12
Cam type Overhead valves (OHV)

Does 1994 Chevy s10 have abs?

Rear ABS is standard on four-cylinder models; V6 trucks get the new four-wheel ABS system that works in both two- and four-wheel drive.

How heavy is a 1994 Chevy s10?

3,081 lbs.
Used 1994 Chevrolet S-10 LS Extended Cab Specs & Features

Curb weight 3,081 lbs.
Maximum towing capacity 6,000 lbs.
Maximum payload 1,519.0 lbs.
Gross weight 5,150 lbs.

What is a ZQ8 S10?

ZQ8 is an RPO code designation for the Chevrolet S-10, GMC Sonoma, and Chevrolet Colorado.

What engine does a Intimidator SS have?

Vortec 6000 V-8
The Intimidator SS is based on a well-equipped ’06 Silverado SS featuring GM’s Vortec 6000 V-8, which produces 345 hp and 380 lb-ft of torque.

Is the Intimidator SS AWD?

This truck is also an optional all wheel drive vehicle and goes 0-60 mph in 6.3 seconds. Launched in early 2003, the Silverado SS is a high-performance pickup truck built by Chevrolet.

What is a Chevy S10 Xtreme?

The Chevy S10 Extreme was just one car that was part of the automaker’s “S” series. The truck enjoyed popularity because of its modest price and sufficient engine. While it was smaller than most standard trucks, the S10 Extreme could satisfy each driver’s needs.

How can I get more power out of my 4.3 s10?

There are also simple, cheap ways to increase horsepower for your 4.3 V6.

  1. Replace your air filter. The air filter gets dirty over time and restricts the flow into the engine.
  2. Install a performance chip or reprogram your current computer.
  3. Change you gas to a higher octane.

What size Shim should you use for Chevy S10 starter?

You need about 1/16-inch of clearance, and the paper clip is a good way to determine that size. If you can’t fit it in there, you should add at least one shim. Step 3 Unbolt the starter from the engine using the 3/8-inch ratchet and socket, and place a shim onto both bolts on the starter.

Should I get a Chevy S10?

The second generation brought about more options and features, including one very unusual addition to the Chevy S10 pickup truck line. Available in regular, extended, or crew cabs with short or long beds, the second generation of S10 pickup trucks introduced a variety of package options.

What is the average price for a Chevrolet S10?

S10. /. Oxygen Sensor Replacement Cost. The average cost for a Chevrolet S10 oxygen sensor replacement is between $146 and $175. Labor costs are estimated between $53 and $67 while parts are priced between $93 and $108 . Estimate does not include taxes and fees. Note about price: This service is typically done as part of a bigger, more

How big is a Chevy S10?

Chevy S10 Options. 15-Inch. 205-75-15. 235-70-15. 235-75-15. 31×10.50-15. 4×2 4×2 w/Option