Is SMD better than LED?

Is SMD better than LED?

Although a COB LED is efficient, an SMD LED has an even greater level of efficiency. That’s because more lumens are produced per watt. In other words, you’ll receive more light with less wattage. An SMD LED also produces a broader light beam, which means the light doesn’t need as large of a heat sink as a COB LED does.

What are SMD LED sizes?


SMD LED (module) Dimensions (mm × mm) Power (watt)
5733 5.7 × 3.3 0.5
5730 5.7 × 3.0 0.5
5630 5.6 × 3.0 0.5
5060 5.0 × 6.0 0.2

What is the brightest SMD LED?

SMD (Surface Mounted) 5730 series is the brightest LED strip because it contains powerful LEDs that can create a lot of light. It is important to note here that comparing one LED strip series to the other is like comparing apples to oranges.

How long do SMD LED last?

Life of a LED An SMD LED can last up 100,000 hours. In other words, an SMD LED can provide more than 11 years of continuous lighting. Additionally, LED lights won’t burn out like incandescent light bulbs unless serious hardware damage occurs. The brightness of an LED can, however, gradually fade.

What is the difference between LED and SMD LED?

Power LED bulbs or downlights usually contain 3 or 4 high powered LED chips which combine to create a focused beam of light, usually with a 25 or 40 degree beam angle. SMD LED bulbs are made up of a cluster of very small LED chips, usually around 20 per bulb.

How is SMD LED size measured?

SMD LEDs, like standard LEDs, are available in different sizes. 1mm to 4mm but they aren’t rated like that. Like most SMD components, they are identified in size numbers. The numbers are determined by Width (inches) multiplied by Length (inches) Ok enough with SMD.

Which is brighter LED 5050 or 3528?

Simply put, these LED chips are called SMD 5050 because the dimensions of the chips are 5.0mm x 5.0mm. They have 3 LED diodes in one housing (sometimes called tri-chips), and are a lot brighter than individual 3528 LED chips.

How many types of SMD LED are there?

SMD (Surface Mount Diode) The types of SMD LED Modules are distinguished by the dimensions of the LED chips. Common types are 5050 SMD LED, 3528 SMD LED, 2835 SMD LED.

How do I know if my LED is SMD?

There are different types of SMD LEDs, and each variant is identified by a series of numbers that define its size and associated brightness level. The LED identification number corresponds to the size of the chip itself, expressed in millimetres.

What is the voltage of SMD LED?

Product Specification

Usage/Application General Purpose Lighting
Application Tube Light, LED Bulb, Panel Light
Current(mA) 150ma
Lumens(LM) 60-65LM
Voltage(V) 3.0-3.4V

Which is better 3528 or 5050?

While the 5050 chip can be used in single color applications, we have found the 5050 LEDs to be better for the RGB and the 3528 SMD LEDs in high density better for single color applications. They are called SMD3528 because the dimension of the chip is 3.5mm * 2.8mm.

Which is brighter 5050 or 5630?

The 5050 and 5630 SMD LEDs are two types of SMD LEDs commonly used in home and commercial lighting. A 5050 LED diode will illuminate the equivalent of about 18 lumens. 5630 is brighter than 5050, so it consumes more wattage.

What is the difference between SMD 5050 and SMD 3528?

How many types of SMD LEDs are there?

The types of SMD LED Modules are distinguished by the dimensions of the LED chips. Common types are 5050 SMD LED, 3528 SMD LED, 2835 SMD LED.

What is SMD LED?

SMD stands for Surface Mounted Device, SMD LED is a package type of LED produced by using surface-mount technology (SMT) to mount LED chips on printed circuit boards (PCB). SMD LED has many types,which are produced in a variety of shapes and sizes,the most common types of LEDs are: 2835, 3528, 3020, 3030, 3535, 3014, 4014, 5050, 5060, 5730.

What are the different types of SMD?

Based on the packaging bracket, SMD can be divided into two categories: the CHIP type and the TOP type. The CHIP packaging bracket is a flat structure, typically made of PCB, made through glue sealing with mold pressing, and machine cut.

Does Kingbright offer SMD LED products?

Kingbright offers a selection of SMD LEDs that are designed to meet the specifications of your application. Our SMD LED product offering is most commonly used for portable devices, company consumer electronics, industrial handheld devices and more. Contact Kingbright today for more information about the products below.