Is Microsoft Premier Support still available?

Is Microsoft Premier Support still available?

Microsoft Premier Support is no longer available for direct customers, the only option for Microsoft Support to direct customers is Unified Support from Microsoft. This is a cost comparison to the Unified/Premier Support pricing.

Is Microsoft Premier Support worth it?

Most Organizations Think Premier Better Value Than New Unified Model. If you use Microsoft software and services to power your business, chances are you’re also a Microsoft Premier Support customer. These systems and services are critical and require urgent attention to any issues, escalation and resolution of problems …

What is Microsoft Premier Support?

Microsoft Premier Support for Partners offers complete, end-to-end managed support across the full Microsoft platform to meet your complex needs, expand your capabilities in the cloud, and collaborate more strategically with Microsoft.

How do I increase my Microsoft Premier Support Ticket?

Microsoft is moving the Premier Support case request for Intune into Azure Portal. If your organization is having a premier support contract with Microsoft, you should login to the Azure portal to raise a premier support case for Intune issues.

What is the cost of Microsoft Premier Support?

Support Features Microsoft Premier Support Unified Support Performance Plan
Support Cost $300 per hour 12% of annual software spend
Minimum Contract $25,000 $175,000
Response Time 1 hr critical, 2 hr standard 30 min critical, 4 hr standard

Does Azure have a Premier Support plan?

The Premier plan offers 24/7 technical support with a 15-minute response time and includes all the features of the Professional Direct plan, but includes guidance by a designated technical account manager.

How do I get Microsoft partner support?

New Azure technical support request Using, select the Dashboard, select Customers, click the Customer’s subscription, Service management, Click Create or view Service request to open the Azure portal. Start by opening the customer from Partner Center, the azure portal is opened.

How do I raise my Microsoft support ticket in Sharepoint online?

Sign in to Microsoft 365 with your Microsoft 365 admin account, and select Support > New service request. If you’re in the admin center, select Support > New service request. If you’re an admin on the account, call (800) 865-9408 (toll-free, US only).

What are the Azure support options?


  • Microsoft Sentinel.
  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud.
  • Protect your Azure resources from distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.
  • Azure Bastion. Fully managed service that helps secure remote access to your virtual machines.
  • Web Application Firewall.
  • Azure Firewall.
  • Azure Firewall Manager.

In which Azure support plans can you open a new support?

In which Azure support plans can you open a new support request? You can open support cases in the following plans: Premier, Professional Direct, Standard, and Developer only. You cannot open support cases in the Basic support plan.

What does Microsoft support cost?

How is MSFT Unified Support Cost Calculated?

Support Features Microsoft Premier Support Unified Support Core Plan
Support Cost $300 per hour 8% of annual software spend
Minimum Contract $25,000 $25,000
Response Time 1 hr critical, 2 hr standard 1 hr critical, 8 hr standard

What is Microsoft partner support?

Contact Microsoft Partner Support They can help with partner program issues, presales assistance, issues with Microsoft products, billing questions, and more.

Is there an Azure Premier Support plan?

Is Microsoft Azure support free?

Basic self-help resources are included for all Azure customers at no additional cost. For one-on-one technical support, you need a paid support plan.

Does Microsoft offer free technical support?

Microsoft does not send unsolicited email messages or make unsolicited phone calls to request personal or financial information, or to provide technical support to fix your computer. If you didn’t ask us to, we won’t call you to offer support.

Is Microsoft support free?

(800) 642-7676Microsoft Corporation / Customer service

How do I contact Microsoft technical support?

What is premier support Microsoft?

Proactive support. Get peace of mind knowing that your services are available with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime,financially backed service-level agreement (SLA).

  • Self help. The Microsoft 365 community has helpful blogs,useful content,and knowledgeable experts in the community forums to answer your questions.
  • Assisted support
  • What is Microsoft unified support?

    – Supports their team on participating in Microsoft events. Contributes to setting up the events and promoting best practice sharing across subsidiaries. – Initiates conversations with prospective customers/partners at events to expand external network. – Coaches their team on business and market knowledge.

    What is Microsoft Azure support plan?

    – How do I purchase an Azure support plan? You may purchase a support plan online through the Azure website or Azure portal. – What does the monthly cost over? – How do I upgrade to a higher-tier support plan? – How do I change or cancel my support plan? – When will I be billed for my support plan? – When will my support plan be renewed?

    What is Microsoft premium support?

    Microsoft is here to help you with products including Office, Windows, Surface, and more. Find articles, videos, training, tutorials, and more.