Is Fort Parker still standing?

Is Fort Parker still standing?

The remains were taken to what is now Fort Parker Memorial Park, which is about a mile and half from Fort Parker, and buried in a mass grave on a hill beside a large live oak tree. A visit to Fort Parker Memorial Park takes only a little time.

Where in Texas is Fort Parker?

Fort Parker State Park is a Texas state park near Mexia and to Limestone County seat Groesbeck, Texas. The city of Mexia and three local landowners donated the land creating the park in 1935….

Fort Parker State Park
Nearest city Mexia, Texas
Coordinates 31°36′13″N 96°33′03″W
Area 1,458.8 acres (590.4 ha)
Established 1941

How much does it cost to get into Texas state parks?

Your Texas State Parks Pass gets you free entry into every Texas State Park for an entire year! Day use fees vary across the parks depending on size of the park, infrastructure or popularity. Some parks charge a $2 entry fee while others cost $8 for the day.

What county is Fort Parker in Texas?

Limestone County
It is between Mexia and Groesbeck in Limestone County. African-American men with the Civilian Conservation Corps built the park from 1935 to 1942. They completed a dam across the Navasota River in 1939, creating Fort Parker Lake. Fort Parker State Park’s grand opening was May 1, 1941.

Who were Cynthia Ann Parker’s parents?

Silas M. ParkerLucy Parker
Cynthia Ann Parker/Parents

What county is Lake Whitney in?

The park is along the east shore of Lake Whitney, west of Hillsboro in Hill County.

What county is Fort Parker in?

Is there a senior discount for Texas state parks?

If you are 65 years old or older and are a Texas resident, you qualify for the Senior Partial passport good at Texas state parks that charge entry fees. With this pass, you and a companion pay 50 percent off the entry fee rounded to the next whole dollar.

What happened at Fort Parker Texas?

On May 19, 1836, an Indian raid on Fort Parker, in today’s Limestone County, Texas, resulted in the killing and capture of several Anglo settlers, including Cynthia Ann Parker –future mother of the famous Comanche leader Quanah. This fabled incident has become one of the foundational myths of the Texas Republic.

Who was the last chief of the Comanches?

Quanah Parker
Quanah Parker, (born 1848?, near Wichita Falls, Texas, U.S.—died February 23, 1911, Cache, near Fort Sill, Oklahoma), Comanche leader who, as the last chief of the Kwahadi (Quahadi) band, mounted an unsuccessful war against white expansion in northwestern Texas (1874–75).

What happened to Cynthia Ann Parker’s family?

On May 19, 1836, several hundred Comanche, Kiowa and Caddo Native Americans staged a surprise attack. During the ensuing battle, the Native Americans killed five of the Parkers. In the chaos, the Native Americans abducted young Cynthia Ann Parker and four other white women and children.

Does Lake Whitney have a beach?

Lake Whitney State Park The lake offers beautiful beaches, fishing plus water skiing. During the 4th of July they have one of the best displays in the area that can be seen from miles. There are hiking trails and bicycle trails as well. A true ” fun for…”

What happened at Fort Parker?