Is Airbus A330 a big plane?

Is Airbus A330 a big plane?

The A330 is the third most delivered wide-body airliner after the Boeing 777 and Boeing 747. It competes with the Boeing 767, smaller variants of the Boeing 777, and the 787. It is complemented by the larger Airbus A350, which succeeded the four-engined A340….Airbus A330.

Developed into Airbus A330neo Airbus Beluga XL

What category aircraft is A330?

Category C.
A330 – Category C. A340-200/300 – Category C.

Which is bigger 777 or A330?

Airbus’ largest A330s are on par with Boeing’s smallest 777s. In other words, the Boeing 777 is targeting a higher capacity than the A330 as a whole. Measuring over 10 meters longer than both the A330-300 and the 777-200, the 777-300 seats a significantly higher number of passengers.

How long can an A330 fly?


Range 11,750 km
Max take-off weight 242.00 tonnes
Max landing weight 187.00 tonnes
Max zero fuel weight 175.00 tonnes
Max fuel capacity 139 090 litres

Is Airbus A330 safe?

As of October 2020 the Airbus A330 had been involved in 42 aviation occurrences, including thirteen hull-loss accidents and two hijackings, for a total of 338 fatalities.

Can Airbus A330 fly with one engine?

As for Airbus and its modern twin-engine jets, the newish A330neo has a European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) ETOPS rating of beyond 180 minutes and the option to increase this to ETOPS 285, which means the A330neo can fly 2,000 nautical miles on a single-engine.

How fast does a A330 fly?

Max cruising speed 880km/h (475kt) at 33,000ft, economical cruising speed 860km/h (464kt). Range with 335 pax and reserves 8340km (4500nm) with CF6s, or 8430km (4550nm) with P&W engines, or 8600km (4640nm) with Trents. A330 longer range version with max passengers range 10,185km (5,500nm).

Does Airbus A330 have TV?

Relax, recline and enjoy our in-seat entertainment system on all of our A330 aircrafts. From take-off to landing, our entertainment system offers the latest movies, television shows, music videos and interactive games for your viewing pleasure.

Who is the largest A330 operator?

Turkish Airlines
The largest operator is Turkish Airlines with 64 aircraft.

How fast is the Airbus A330?

What is the difference between Airbus A330 and A340?

There are several key differences between the two aircraft right off the bat. For one, the Airbus A340 has a vastly different mission profile than the A330. It has two extra engines and can fly a massively further range. Additionally, there are actually four versions of the A340 and two of the Airbus A330.

Which is better, Airbus A330 or A777?

In economy both have the same pitch and seat width. A330 is 2-4-2 and the 777 is 3-4-3. If you like a window seat and are traveling solo the a330 may be better. If traveling with someone ditto. Otherwise 6 of one, half dozen of the other. 3.

How fast does an Airbus A330 fly?

How fast does an Airbus a330 fly? Airbus A330 and A330neo Specification Table A330-200ceo A330-300ceo Maximum Landing Weight 180,000 kg 185,000 kg Cruise Speed Mach 0.82 Maximum Cruise Speed Mach 0.86 Maximum Operating Speed Mach 0.89

What is the seating capacity for an Airbus A330?

Typically carrying between 210 and 250 passengers in its 222-inch-wide twin-aisle fuselage, the A330-200 can be configured with as many as 406 seats in higher-density layouts – providing a capacity solutions for operations on routes up to 7,250nm.