How much is it to fly from Jacksonville Florida to the Keys?

How much is it to fly from Jacksonville Florida to the Keys?

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Low season September
Cheapest flight $99
Average price round-trip $397
Good deal round-trip $222
Good deal one-way $99

What Florida airports fly into Key West?

EYW — Key West International Airport — Visitors can fly to Key West International Airport via connections or direct flights from a host of Florida cities. The airport offers a host of ground transportation options, including local shuttle buses and rental cars. Getting around Key West is fun and easy!

What is the best airport to fly into to go to Key West?

Key West International Airport
Flying is typically the fastest and most convenient way to get to Key West. Key West International Airport serves major airline carriers, like Delta, American Airlines, Continental, US Airways, and more with daily flights.

What airline is closest to Key West?

The closest airport to Key West is Key West International, airport code EYW….Key West is a four-mile long, two-mile wide island, and located:

  • 90 miles from mainland Florida.
  • 165 miles from Miami, Florida.
  • 188 miles from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

What is Key West airport code?

EYWKey West International Airport / Code

What is the easiest way to get to Key West?

You can fly, drive or take a boat to the Key West. The city’s airport is serviced by all major carriers including Delta, American, USAir and United, Southwest and Cape Air. Charters are also available to various cities through Florida and the Bahamas. Ferry service is available between Key West and Ft.

Does Southwest fly into Key West?

Southwest does not fly to Key West. The nearest airport that Southwest services is Miami International Airport, which is about 160 miles from Key West. However, many other airlines fly into Key West, such as American Eagles Airlines, Delta, and United.

Do you need a passport to go to Key West?

No problem. Key West lies at the end of the Florida Keys and is as close to the Caribbean as you can get without the headache of acquiring a passport. U.S. citizens can escape to our tropical paradise and traverse the island freely. Here’s how to take the leap and embark on a vacation to Key West – no passport needed.

Is there a ferry from Key West to Havana?

Many ferry companies like Havana Ferry Partners and Cuba Ferries have plans in place to launch services connecting Key West to Havana as soon as travel restrictions between these two countries allow for these kinds of journeys to take place.

Why does Southwest not fly to Key West?

The airline added the Key West airport to its route map in 2012 as part of its integration with AirTran, a wholly-owned subsidiary. “Unfortunately, the level of local demand no longer allows Southwest to profitably serve these markets,” said Bob Jordan, Southwest’s executive VP and chief commercial officer.

Is there a train to Key West Florida?

The Florida Keys have no train service running since 1935, when the last train left Key West and got hit by the big Labor Day hurricane.

Will Southwest fly to Key West?

Key West, a popular tourist destination, becomes the eighth city the airline serves in the state of Florida and the 78th city added to the airline’s vast route map. Southwest attributes its entrance into the market, beginning today, to the roots planted by its wholly-owned subsidiary AirTran Airways.

How long does it take to cross the bridge to Key West?

Today, you can leave the Florida mainland and travel the entire length of the Overseas Highway, through all the Keys to Key West, in less than four hours.