How much is a White German Shepherd puppy?

How much is a White German Shepherd puppy?

The cost of German Shepherd puppy is, on average, between $1,000 and $1,500. Generally, you can expect to pay towards the higher end of the scale for White German Shepherd puppies as they are rarer. These uniquely colored pups cost upwards of $1000.

What do you call a White German Shepherd?

This breed is called the White Swiss Shepherd (Berger Blanc Suisse) and it differs from both AKC German Shepherds and UKC White Shepherds in key areas of appearance, temperament, and health.

Why is German Shepherd so cheap?

Low Price Puppies Be wary when you see that “great deal” on a GSD puppy online, in a local pet shop or out of the back of someone’s pickup truck at the grocery store. The most common reason the price is so low is because you are buying from a backyard breeder or – worse – a puppy mill.

Is White German Shepherd rare?

White German Shepherds are rarer than the colored variety as only two white German Shepherds are guaranteed to produce all-white puppies. However, they are not too rare, and if two non-whites both have the white recessive gene, a small percentage of the litter may be white.

Are white shepherds rare?

Do German Shepherds turn on their owners?

A well-trained German Shepherd will rarely turn on or bite his owner. However, if the dog is scared or sick, he may bite to defend himself if provoked. A dog may also bite if he has a history of being abused or neglected.

Are White German Shepherds usually deaf?

They Are Not More Likely to Be Deaf Dogs with the piebald gene (that are often white or lighter in color) can be more likely to be deaf, like the Dalmatian, but the white german shepherd does not carry this gene so they are no more likely to have hearing problems than any other german shepherd.

Can German Shepherds be pure white?

The white German Shepherd is purebred. They are not as common as the colored variety. Their temperament is the same as other German Shepherds. A recessive gene causes their all-white coat.

Are there any German Shepherd puppies in the UK?

Available a litter of 8 German Shepherd pupps, from Top Health tested parents, bred in the UK, Kennel Club, Assured Breeder registered, microchiped, fully vaccinated 1st and 2nd jab. Wormed and spot VIP Gallery is a boost feature that gets your advert more visibility. Adverts rotated to be shown randomly each time.

Are AKC white German Shepherds worth it?

We own 10 beautiful AKC White German Shepherds and have to admit they are a little spoiled, but they are worth it! We believe our Great White German Shepherds are to be “forever” dogs, not to be disposed of when you get tired of them, or have a baby, or move, or no longer have the time for them.

Are there any black German Shepherds in KC?

Not KC registered We are proud to announce the safe arrival of 8 big, black Czech german shepherd puppies. 6 boys 2 girls Mum and dad are kc registered, full black, big boned, straight backed working line dogs. Very attentive, great with my two children and lots of drive.

How old is Belle the German Shepherd?

Belle (SHANTYVILLE BURLESQUE) is our 4 year old sable German Shepherd female who we have decided to rehome. She comes with Kc paperwork which has endorsements R- progeny not eligible for registration,…