How much horsepower can you get out of a Pontiac 400 engine?

How much horsepower can you get out of a Pontiac 400 engine?

97 jets square, 0.030/0.020 valve lash, and 31.5 degrees timing produced 650.4 hp at 6,300 and 596 lb-ft of torque at 4,900 rpm….

Engine Buildup Worksheet
Engine Displacement 463
Torque 596 lb-ft
Bore/Stroke 4.185/4.21-in
Block/Crank Combo 400 block, bored 0.035-in/stock 4.210,

What is the largest cubic inch V8?

What we have here is a 1,001 cubic-inch, 16.5-liter V8 engine that is said to be the world’s largest street engine.

How much horsepower can you get out of a Pontiac 455?

In its introductory model year as the division’s top engine, the round-port 455ci had a gross rating of 335 hp at 4,800 rpm and 480 lb-ft at 3,200 rpm. The 455 H.O. was carried over for 1972 without any major changes, but the gross output rating was dropped in favor of net values.

How much HP does a Pontiac 455 have?

Rated conservatively at 360 horsepower and producing a tremendous 500 pound-feet of torque, the 455 HO gave the GTO the powerful aggression needed to appeal to performance-minded buyers.

Is a 400 Pontiac motor a big block or a small block?

Ford 332 (5.4 litre) Interceptor big block V8. A Chevrolet Camaro 396 had a big block, but a Pontiac Firebird 400 did not. Buick and Oldsmobile 455s were big blocks, but a Pontiac 455 was not. A Chevrolet 348 was a big block, but a Chevrolet 350 was a small block.

How many cubic inches is a Pontiac 400 bored 30 over?

Pontiac Blocks- Bore and Stroke

400 CU. IN. Stock Bore 4.120
30 over 4.150
60 over 4.180

Was the Pontiac 400 a good engine?

Because of its place in Pontiac’s most brutal and outlandish muscle cars as well as fighting the good fight into the era of smog-choked, low-compression lameness, the Pontiac 400 remains one of our favorite V-8 engines.

How much horsepower can you get out of a 572?

The 572 offered from GMPP is designed as a 4.560-inch bore by 4.375-inch stroke combination using rectangle-port aluminum heads on a tall-deck Gen VI block….This 572-Inch Crate Engine Look-Alike Rocks Out On Stage To The Tune Of 845 hp On Pump Gas.

572ci Big-Block Chevy
Bore: 4.562 inches

How much does a 572 cost?

Estimated Price $17,395 Big block Chevy 572 stroker with 700 HP performance aluminum head engine combination was designed for maximum street/strip performance on pump gas. All engines can be custom painted to match your vehicle at your request.

How big can you bore a Pontiac 400?

How do you identify a Pontiac 400 block?

To shed total vehicle weight, Pontiac revised its 400 during the 1975 model year. The svelte 400 block is easiest identified by its 500557 casting number, and lacks the durability required for high-performance applications.

What kind of blocks do I need for a Pontiac?

Available from many Pontiac vendors, the aftermarket blocks are an excellent foundation for most max-performance applications, especially where displacement of 541 inches, and possibly more is desired. Whether cast-iron or aluminum, aftermarket Pontiac blocks are designed to allow for easy installation into any chassis.

How many bolt holes does a Pontiac block have?

Most Pontiac blocks from 1970 forward have four or five engine-mount bolt holes on each side, which allows easy installation into any chassis. Earlier blocks, such as this 1968 400, and even some very late 1970s blocks have a limited number, and that can present installation issues.

What does the block unit number mean on a Pontiac?

Above the code is the block unit number, and the common line of thought is that this number matches the last six digits of the VIN, as with other GM applications. However, when it comes to Pontiac, this is simply the engine sequential number, generally referred to in service bulletins for updates in production.