How many pastoral leases are there in Western Australia?

How many pastoral leases are there in Western Australia?

There are a total of 435 stations (comprising of 491 pastoral leases) in the Western Australian pastoral rangelands covering over 857,833km2.

What is a station in Western Australia?

Pastoral leases in Western Australia are increasingly known as “stations”, and more particular – as either sheep stations or cattle stations. They are usually found in country that is designated as rangeland.

What is a pastoral in Australia?

A pastoral lease, sometimes called a pastoral run, is an arrangement used in both Australia and New Zealand where government-owned Crown land is leased out to graziers for the purpose of livestock grazing on rangelands.

Can native title co exist with a pastoral lease?

Native title can co-exist with pastoral leases, regardless of whether a determination of native title has been made. Any upgrade to the pastoral tenure will impact on native title and will require the statutory process setting out native title procedural rights to be followed.

How big is Wooleen?

375,600 acres
Description. The property covers a total area of 152,000 hectares (375,600 acres).

What is the largest station in Western Australia?

Anna Creek is not only Australia’s biggest cattle station; it’s the largest in the world. The station covers a total of around 24,000 square kilometers.

What makes a property a station?

A station typically has a homestead where the property owner or the manager lives. Nearby cottages or staff quarters provide housing for the employees. Storage sheds and cattle yards are also sited near the homestead. Other structures depend on the size and location of the station.

What is the pastoral zone?

The pastoral zone of NSW is characterised by wide variations in climatic conditions, soil type and vegetation species.

What is a pastoral property?

A pastoral lease is a title issued for the lease of an area of Crown land to use for the limited purpose of grazing of stock and associated activities. It is a limited property right and does not provide the leaseholder with all the rights that attach to freehold land.

Does the grant of a pastoral lease automatically extinguish native title?

Other valid leases, which are not clearly and plainly inconsistent with native title (eg, pastoral leases) do not extinguish native title, but the lessees’ rights prevail over native title rights, subject to the Racial Discrimination Act (“common law non-extinguishment”).

Which Aboriginal Australian won the right to native title?

The court recognised that the Meriam people of the Torres Strait held native title over part of their traditional lands. The court found that the common law of Australia recognises rights and interests to land held by indigenous people under their traditional laws and customs.

Who owns Wooleen?

‘ And now here we are!” Brett and Helen Pollock bought Wooleen in 1990 as a sheep station — six months before the bottom dropped out of the wool market. To stay afloat, they started a hosted “station stay” business in 1993, which quickly became an award-winning tourism venture.

What is the biggest cattle station in WA?

Largest stations

Rank Station Area (acre)
1 Anna Creek 5,850,000
2 Clifton Hills 4,200,000
3 Alexandria 3,980,000
4 Davenport Downs 3,730,000

How many acres make a station?

The size of a station can vary from say 40,000 acres (just so I’m not excluding my friend’s block) to well over a million acres. The production system is extensive, not intensive.

Who owns the biggest cattle station in Australia?

Williams Cattle Company
The Williams family, of Williams Cattle Company in South Australia, have the title of owning Australia’s biggest farming aggregation — the 2.37 million-hectare Anna Creek and The Peake Stations, covering an area bigger than Slovenia.

What are the three types of pastoral farming?

There are three types of pastoral farming, namely, *Nomadic herding, *Ley farming and *Ranching.

What is a pastoral lease Western Australia?

Pastoral leases are leases over Crown land which gives the lessee the right to graze authorised livestock on the natural vegetation.

What does pastoral land mean?

How do I find a pastoral lease station in Western Australia?

In the state Maps (Road Maps of Western Australia Maps 1-154) ‘Pastoral Lease Stations’ are identified with their names and boundaries. Identifies homesteads but not specific pastoral leases.

Does the Western Australia Pastoral Board map identify homesteads?

Identifies homesteads but not specific pastoral leases. Identifies only selected pastoral leases in the first 20 general maps of the volume. Western Australia Pastoral Board (1984) Report of the Pastoral Board on the reappraisement of pastoral leases: as at 1 July 1984.

Is the Department of planning and infrastructure involved in pastoral leases?

In 2006 the Pastoral Lands Board within the Department of Planning and Infrastructure produced a 24-page pamphlet, which although appearing to be dealing with Outback issues, deals mainly with the process of accessing pastoral leases in Western Australia.

What percentage of Western Australia is covered by sheep stations?

Nearly 90 million hectares or 36% of the area of Western Australia are covered by these stations. Despite the very low population involved in general management of stations, significant numbers of seasonal workers (shearers and others) have moved through the sheep stations to shear for wool.