How long do Golden Orfe live?

How long do Golden Orfe live?

20+ years
Golden Orfe can live 20+ years in captivity. The Orfe is definitely better kept in larger ponds, 800 gallons+.

Can goldfish breed with Orfe?

Orfe will need a higher oxygen concentration (so will the Rudd!) than Goldfish, Carp & Tench. Also, Orfe will go after any small fish that they can fit into their mouths so if you’re planning on breeding you fish Orfe are not the best species to have in the mix.

How do you treat a bacterial fish in a pond?

What should I do?

  1. Treat with your chosen treatment.
  2. Increase aeration.
  3. Support fish with Pond Guardian Pond Salt to help their immune system.
  4. Test water for irregularities and treat accordingly.
  5. Look for signs of aggression in the fish community which may have caused the damage opening the way for fungal infection.

Is Orfe a goldfish?

But even if you aren’t any of the above, Golden Orfe are worth a try in your pond. They are so good that I’ve considered getting rid of my goldfish and koi and just having Orfe. Orfe are attractive torpedo shaped fish, yellow orange in color, often with black spots on the head and silvery flanks that are fairly deep.

Why are my golden orfe dying?

In the summer, golden orfe can die since warm water uses up dissolved oxygen more quickly than cool water. To prevent these, keep a pump or aerator running in your pond at all times, and incorporate plenty of oxygenating pond plants (golden orfes don’t typically munch on plants, as they prefer a more meat-based diet).

Are ORFE native to UK?

Ide are not native to the UK, however golden orfe were introduced for ornamental purposes as far back as 1875.

Are ORFE good pond fish?

They’re also pretty friendly, getting along with most other fish, goldfish and koi in particular, though they may eat some smaller fish or fry if they’re hungry!

What do blue ORFE eat?

The typical prey of the Orfe is larval and adult insects, snails, and other invertebrates for smaller fish. However, they tend to eat what will fit in their mouth, so larger pond snails such as the popular ramshorn snail, should be perfectly fine to keep with Orfe in your ponds.

Why are my pond fish dying?

Overcrowding and overfeeding, two common causes of pond fish death, create lethal situations by reducing the amount of oxygen available and by increasing the amount of waste, which then increases the ammonia and nitrite levels. Prevent overfeeding by removing any food left after five minutes.

Why does my pond fish look bloated?

Dropsy refers to the swelling of soft tissues in a body cavity, such as the abdomen, due to an accumulation of water and other fluids. The condition is caused by environmental stress factors and/or infections.

Are orfe good pond fish?

How long do blue orfe fish live?

Orfe can live 20+ years in perfect conditions.

Why are my pond fish dying all of a sudden?

Is ORFE a hardy fish?

Orfe are, in general, considered hardy, well-adapted fish, doing will in waters ranging from 50 to 77° (13-25° C) Fahrenheit and able to survive in waters that are just above freezing or as high as 90°f (so long as the water isn’t kept at either of these extremes for too long).

What do blue orfe eat?

Is orfe a hardy fish?

Are orfe native to UK?

Do Blue ORFE lay eggs?

Breeding: A large pond (at least 1000 gallons) is needed. Orfe tend to lay their eggs in a cluster around plant roots or in weeds.

Is rain water good for fish pond?

Is Rain Good for My Pond? Rain can be beneficial to your pond by providing a free, soft water supply that does not have chemicals like chlorine or chloramine. This “free” resource often will not have harmful chemicals but presents many dangers of it’s own to your pond.

What is wrong with my orfe?

Grow rapidly and can quickly out grow small ponds. Orfe can be affected by some disease treatments. Orfe that have been affected by this typicaly have a bent backbone.

Do orfe fish like to be in groups?

Orfe are sociable fish and should always be kept in groups of at least three. Orfe are fast swimmers and need a lot of oxygen. Spending most of the time near the surface of the pond. Orfe will jump out of very small ponds because they like lots of room.

Do orfe fish die if left alone?

If kept alone, it’s not unheard of for orfe to die since they are a social fish preferring to live in groups of at least three or more orfes. Long-lived, orfes can often live up to 20. They’re also pretty friendly, getting along with most other fish, goldfish and koi in particular, though they may eat some smaller fish or fry if they’re hungry!

What does an orfe fish look like?

When they’re young, orfe typically display a sliver scale pattern with small black spots on the head, but as they mature, most varieties develop an overall orange sheen which can range from a subtle hue to brightly golden – similar to goldfish. Can Orfe Be Kept With Koi & Goldfish? The more popular Golden Orfe fish.