How do you solve clue scrolls in Runescape?

How do you solve clue scrolls in Runescape?

To solve elite clue scrolls, players may encounter compass, scans, puzzle boxes, celtic knots before obtaining a reward casket (elite), or a puzzle casket (elite), containing their rewards; 4–6 items are awarded from each elite casket opened.

Where is Caroline in Runescape?

Caroline is a woman who lives in Witchaven with her husband Kent and son Kennith. She can initially be found near the northern shore of the village, worried about the disappearance of her family. After the Sea Slug quest, she returns to her house and lives on the 1st2nd floor[UK], located south of Mayor Hobb’s house.

How many fishermen are on the fishing platform?

The player may speak to the 11 possessed fishermen here, though the player will find them to not be particularly talkative. The platform is also the location for an emote elite clue scroll and a medium clue scroll.

How do I get to captain ninto?

Captain Ninto is a drunk, off-duty Gnome glider pilot inside the Dwarven Tunnel under the White Wolf Mountain (Sindarpos). He can only be reached after the player has completed the Fishing Contest quest.

Can you buy clue scrolls?

Master clue scrolls are obtainable by trading one of each clue level (easy, medium, hard and elite) to Watson, who is found in the northern house with a loom, just west of the Hosidius House bank in Great Kourend.

How do you farm hard clues?

The best way to farm hard clue scrolls in large numbers is by killing hellhounds in the Taverley hellhound resource dungeon, requiring level 55 Dungeoneering. Your ability bar should consist of mainly abilities able to hit multiple targets, such as Corruption Blast, Chain (or Greater Chain), and Dragon Breath.

How many rocks are in Rimmington?

The mine contains 2 tin rocks, 5 copper rocks, 6 iron rocks, 2 clay rocks, and 2 gold rocks. Many non-members use the gold rocks here, as they are the best way to mine gold ore until access to the Crafting Guild is acquired.

How many people are waiting for the Bard?

The following is a list of all known challenge scrolls and their solutions….List of solutions.

Asked by Question Answer
Recruiter How many houses have a cross on the door? 20
Brundt How many people are waiting for the next bard to perform? 4

Where is Bolkoy in Runescape?

the Tree Gnome Village
Bolkoy is a gnome who is found by climbing up a ladder in the Tree Gnome Village, he runs Bolkoy’s Village Shop, the village’s General store. He is the answer to the clue scroll anagram “BY LOOK”.

Are Col Osrs medium clue?

Oracle is the solution to the medium anagram clue: ARE COL.

Do say more Osrs clue?

Hard Anagrams

Anagram Solution Location
Do Say More Doomsayer East of Lumbridge Castle, near the Lumbridge Guide.
Dragons Lament Strange Old Man Gravedigger at the Barrows.
Dr Warden Funk Drunken Dwarf In Keldagrim, east side in the house with broken glass.
Motherboard Brother Omad Monastery south of Ardougne.

What is the sea slug quest?

It briefly summarises the steps needed to complete the quest. “Sea Slug” redirects here. For the species, see Sea slug (race). Sea Slug is the first quest in the Sea Slug series, and is the only piece of content to prominently feature the Fishing Platform .

What are sea slugs in Witchaven?

Strange sea slugs have taken over the villagers of Witchaven with their mind control powers. Caroline, a Witchaven villager, worries about her husband and son, who have not returned from the Fishing Platform yet, and tasks you with finding and returning them to the village.

How do you get the sea slugs from Kennith?

Head to the north-east corner of the platform, and pick up some of the damp sticks near the ladder. Take the ladder upstairs and head west, past the crane, into the room with Kennith. Talk with Kennith, who is hiding behind some stacked crates. Kent pulls a Sea Slug off you.

When did sea slug come out?

Sea Slug Release date 9 September 2002 ( Update ) Members Yes Voice Over No Official difficulty Intermediate