How do you calculate helical antenna?

How do you calculate helical antenna?

D – Diameter of a turn on the helix antenna. C – Circumference of a turn on the helix antenna (C=pi*D). S – Vertical separation between turns for helical antenna….Helix or Helical Antenna Gain, Impedance, Diameter.

Antenna Gain Calculation
Antenna Gain (G) = ( 10.8+10*log(8 * 15) ) / log10
= 31800 cm
Length of wire Calculation
Length of wire (L) = 8 * √(449.44 + 225)

What are quadrifilar helix antenna?

The Quadrifilar Helix Antenna (QHA) is a simple and inexpensive solution to the problem of non- geosynchronous satellite research. This antenna is unique in its simplicity of design and powerful performance compared with standard directional receivers.

What is a QFH antenna?

QFH Antenna | Quadrifilar Helix Antenna Basics QFH antenna is one among various antennas used to capture images from low level non geosynchronous satellites. It is very simple, effective and efficient antenna. It does not have null spots directly overhead or at other in-opportune locations like other antennas.

What is the gain in dB of a helical antenna?

Note that for a given helix geometry (specified in terms of C, S, N), the gain increases with frequency. For an N=10 turn helix, that has a 0.5 meter circumference as above, and an pitch angle of 13 degrees (giving S=0.13 meters), the gain is 8.3 (9.2 dB).

What should have minimum number of turns in a helix antenna?

What is the minimum number of turns a helix antenna must have? Solution: 37.

How does a helical antenna work?

Helical antenna or helix antenna is the antenna in which the conducting wire is wound in helical shape and connected to the ground plate with a feeder line. It is the simplest antenna, which provides circularly polarized waves. It is used in extra-terrestrial communications in which satellite relays etc., are involved.

Are QFH antennas directional?

Design and construction of quadrifilar helicoidal antennas In contrast with the omnipresent turnstile antenna (two crossed dipoles with a reflector) the circularity is almost perfect in any direction.

What is Quadrifilar?

Resonant quadrifilar helix antennas are widely used on hand-held receivers for GPS (Global Positioning System) and for some mobile communication systems.

What is the gain in dB of a helical antenna with 10 turns used at 100 MHz?

What is the gain, in dB of a helical antenna with diameter of λ/3, 10 turns at pitch of λ/4, used at 100 MHz? Solution: 56.

Are helical antennas directional?

The helix of the antenna can twist in two possible directions: right-handed or left-handed, the former having the same form as that of a common corkscrew.

When would you use a helical antenna?


  1. A single helical antenna or its array is used to transmit and receive VHF signals.
  2. Frequently used for satellite and space probe communications.
  3. Used for telemetry links with ballastic missiles and satellites at Earth stations.
  4. Used to establish communications between the moon and the Earth.

Are helical antennas good?

Helical antenna are great for preventing multi-path as they are circularly polarized, suitable for both 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz. The Helical antenna can achieve high directionality by simply increasing the number of turns of coil. The more turns on a helical antenna, the higher gain it becomes.