How do I use Throttlemeister?

How do I use Throttlemeister?

Operation of the Throttlemeister is quite simple. Once you’ve achieved a cruising speed it’s just a matter of rotating the right bar end in the same direction as you do the throttle to accelerate, until the friction sleeve is contacted and held steady.

Is Throttlemeister still in business?

Yes, they are still in business. They can usually be found on EBAY and I have bought them directly from Throttlemeister in the past.

Are throttle locks any good?

A motorcycle throttle lock prevents hand fatigue on long rides. While not all throttle locks offer cruise control, it is an important feature if you ride your bike often. A throttle lock with cruise control can hold the throttle at a set position and also maintain your bike’s speed when you’re going uphill or downhill.

Are throttle locks safe?

Using non-dominant fingers, twisting or reaching to set a motorcycle throttle lock is dangerous for obvious reasons. The ATLAS is engaged and disengaged with your thumb and is always within reach. Engaging a bar end throttle lock may seem easy at the dealership, but is terribly awkward once you’re cruising at 70 mph.

Do you need cruise control on a motorcycle?

So no, you don’t “need” cruise control. You might even prefer to not have any cruise of any kind to keep your motorcycling experience pure. But it’s just nice to know there’s an option out there, and it just might enhance your riding experience.

What does a throttle lock do?

The main function of a motorcycle throttle lock is to lock the throttle. Without it, you have to hold the throttle at all times in order to control the speed. A motorcycle throttle lock prevents hand fatigue on long rides.

Can you put aftermarket cruise control on a motorcycle?

MCCruise aftermarket electronic cruise control. The next-best option after OEM, and the best electronic cruise control option for most people, is an MCCruise cruise control unit.

Can you install cruise control on a bike?

The NEP Cruise Control ($22.95) is available in several different models to fit various motorcycles. Installation is pretty basic and only requires the included allen wrench. The NEP Cruise Control locks onto the throttle tube on the far left side.

Can we install cruise control in bike?

He designed and fabricated a mechanism to work as cruise control, and it can actually be installed on any motorcycle. It is a simple mechanism with some metal bent to fit over the throttle. While one end can be tightened on the throttle, the other end with a clip fits on the brake lever.

Can I add cruise control to a motorcycle?

The ATLAS Throttle Lock is a simple, safe, affordable and effective way to add cruise control to your motorcycle.

Does bullet have cruise control?

No nisha, you cannot. you can have an alternative that is available in the market. “throttle lock retainer”, it only locks your throttle hence acting as a cruise control.

Can we install cruise control in a bike?