How do I identify my Lutron model?

How do I identify my Lutron model?

With Lutron dimmers/ switches the model number can be located on the side of the device on a white label. If you are unable to find the white label on the side of the dimmer, there are a select few devices where the model number would be stamped on the front of the yoke.

How long do Lutron dimmers last?

All Lutron® dimmers save energy. Always have. Always will. Dim a light 25% and you cut electricity costs by about 20% – and bulbs last 3-6 years on average.

What is a maestro companion switch?

Use the Lutron MA-AS Maestro companion switch with the MA-S8AM to control lights from up to 10 locations. Use these Lutron switches with magnetic low-voltage, electronic low-voltage, incandescent, halogen, non-dimmed fluorescent and non-dimmed LED lamps or with general purpose fans.

What is the difference between Caseta and Caseta pro?

Lutron Caseta has two hubs – the regular retail one simply called “Caseta” and the more advanced “Caseta Pro” which is not sold at retail. The Pro version is a superset – for slightly higher cost, you get all the standard Caseta capability (Lutron app, HomeKit/Siri, Alexa, Google Home Assistant).

What are ELV bulbs?

Electronic Low Voltage (ELV) Dimmers were originally designed to control Electronic Low Voltage Transformers used in low voltage (12V) MR16 type fixtures. ELV dimmers and transformers are more expensive but offer quieter operation, better control and tend to last longer than Magnetic Low Voltage Transformers (MLV).

What causes a dimmer switch to stop working?

If your dimmer switch suddenly stops working, there could be issues with the electrical wiring. If it’s not installed correctly or the wires come loose, the switch might stop working. You might hear a buzzing or crackling sound if wiring is the issue. When you suspect a wiring issue, hire an electrician to inspect it.

Do Lutron dimmers work with LED bulbs?

Lutron LED+ dimmers work with a broad range of dimmable LEDs, and all incandescent and halogen bulbs.

Is Lutron Maestro smart?

Lutron is one of the most popular lighting systems that allow for home automation. It’s known among smart household items, plus the leading brand for wireless remote controls. It has two models you can pick from – the Caseta and the Maestro.

Is Lutron Maestro a triac dimmer?

Yes, Lutron does have a line of smart TRIAC dimmers in their Diva product line.

Will Lutron Maestro work with LED bulbs?

No. Low-voltage LEDs will utilize either a magnetic or electronic low-voltage transformer to step down the line- voltage. C•L® dimmers are neither designed nor tested to be able to control these types of devices. CFLs or LEDs do not dim, have a poor dimming range or they flicker/flash.

Does Lutron Caseta work without bridge?

Lutron Caseta wall switches, dimmers, and remotes can function properly without the Smart Bridge. All previously scheduled settings also continue to work. The Smart Bridge is only required to set up Lutron Caseta products and to use the Lutron app or a smart home assistant to control them.

How many switches can connect to Lutron bridge?

Supports up to 75 wireless devices (Caséta Wireless dimmers, plug-in dimmers, and switches, Pico remote controls, wireless shades). Smart Bridge / Smart Bridge PRO counts as one device. Programmed via the Lutron App (available for iOSR and AndroidT). Scene control via the Lutron App.

Do LED lights need ELV dimmer?

While most integrated LEDs require an ELV dimmer, some European brands use the 0-10 volt system.

Are Lutron dimmer switches good?

Our Verdict. Selected for easy installation, adjustable lighting, and the ability to support up to 17 bulbs, we selected the Lutron as our top dimmer switch option. For users looking to integrate a dimmer switch with their smart home system, the TanTan model makes a great addition to Alexa or Google Home devices.