How do I download vSpace pro?

How do I download vSpace pro?

Where can I download the latest vSpace software?

  1. Click on the Login | Register button.
  2. Hover the mouse pointer over the Support tab and select from the drop down menu Download Now.
  3. Choose the model, desired operating system and click Apply.

What is NComputing vSpace?

NComputing vSpace Manager – Allows the admin to centralize the management of software licenses and allocate premium features among the connected vSpace Servers, providing flexibility to different deployment scenarios.

How do I download vSpace Pro 11?

vSpace Pro 11 is available now from the software download center. AMP for vSpace Pro can be purchased directly through the Management Portal, or through your NComputing reseller.

How do I reset my ncomputing rx300?

Press together CNTL+ (Windows Key) + F12 to bring up the Terminal Console. This is the command window that shows on the top left in the picture below. Then, press Enter on your keyboard. Once the terminal executes this and returns to the home screen, then, the process is completed.

Why is NComputing done?

NComputing is a desktop virtualization company that manufactures hardware and software to create virtual desktops (sometimes called zero clients or thin clients) which enable multiple users to simultaneously share a single operating system instance.

How do I update my NComputing RX300 firmware?

Alternatively, the RX300 firmware can be remotely updated using the PMC Device Management console.

  1. Login to the PMC console.
  2. Click Administration => Files select file type ‘Firmware image’ browse file name & upload the latest firmware package (e.g. rx300-3.9.

How do I reset my NComputing device?

N-Series Factory reset

  1. Boot the device and watch for the NComputing logo.
  2. As soon as the NComputing logo appears, press and HOLD the “R” key on your keyboard. Note that timing is very important.
  3. Once the screen goes blank, release the “R” key.

What is vSpace manager?

vSpace Manager is responsible for managing local licensing and paid features allocation to connected vSpace Servers. vSpace Manager also provides the registration functionality. IMPORTANT NOTE: The customer must complete the vSpace Manager registration process before they. may begin using vSpace Pro 11 LTS.

How do I factory reset my thin client?

To reset the thin client to factory default settings, restart the thin client and continuously tap the G key during the restart process. G-key reset impacts all configuration items, including, but not limited to, both network configuration and connections defined in local NV-RAM.

How do I get firmware updates for my NComputing device?

Firmware Update. NComputing is constantly improving NoTouch OS and creates updated software releases frequently. The operating system is distributed in the form of firmware images (e.g. RX-HDX firmware image, EX400 firmware image) – registered NComputing customers can find them in our Management Portal by going to

How do I access the L-series devices in the NComputing console?

On the vSpace host system, launch the NComputing Console by navigating to: Start > All Programs > NComputing vSpace > NC-Console. Click on “ L-series devices ” in the left pane.

How do I update my system to a newer version?

If you want to update to a newer version this is done very easily via the system’s configuration application. We strongly advise you read the Release Notes before updating and check if you need the update at all and if some of the changes described in the document could have a negative impact on your installation.