How did Flora get her Charmix?

How did Flora get her Charmix?

Flora: A goblet shaped pendant and a bag-shaped rose. She won her Charmix by confessing to Helia that she loves him.

When did Winx get Charmix?

Season 2
In Season 2, Chatta introduces to the Winx the concept of Charmix after Bloom earns hers. In Alfea’s curriculum, earning Charmix is the goal of a second-year fairy.

What are all the Winx Club transformations?

There is a total of 9 transformations (Magic Winx, Enchantix, Believix, Harmonix, Sirenix, Bloomix, Mythix, Butterflix, Tynix), 2 sub-transformations (Sophix and Lovix) and 4 additions to transformations (Charmix, Speedix, Zoomix and Tracix) in the series.

Who is the first to get Charmix?

Fairies who earned this higher evolution of Winx/Fairy form Winx Club: Princess Bloom Princess Stella Musa Princess Layla Tecna Flora
Preceded By Winx/Fairy (basic/standard form)
Succeeded By Enchantix
First Appearance “The First Charmix”

Why did Tecna get her Enchantix?

Her love for her friend was so strong that it was enough to earn her her Enchantix. However since Galatea is the princess of Musa’s realm, Melody, this implies she gained her Enchantix in the conventional way by saving someone from her realm.

What is after Charmix?


  • Fairies Transformation.
  • Winx/Fairy.
  • Charmix.
  • Enchantix.
  • Believix. 5.1 Harmonix.
  • Sirenix.

Who gets their Enchantix second?

Trivia. The name Enchantix is derived from the word “enchant,” or “enchantment”. This is the first transformation with two songs. Enchantix is the first Fairy Form to be first earned in the sixth episode of a season, with the second being Believix and the third being Harmonix.

What are Aisha’s powers?

Aisha has the power of water and liquid. She can create Morphix, a pink fluid that she can morph into any shape she wants. She’s a water elemental with complete control over all forms of moisture. Her powers are entirely based around water and the Morphix liquid.

What comes after cosmix?

Fairies Transformation

Rank Fairy Forms Winx Club
Stardard Levels
7 Butterflix Season 7
7.1 Tynix
8 Cosmix Season 8

Which is better bloom or flora from Winx Club?

Flora is the most mature member of the Winx as she possesses a deep sense of love, peace, happiness, and tranquility. However, it is shown that Flora has an insecure side to her personality as she would have problems believing in herself at times.

Who the most powerful fairy in Winx Club?

Winx Club. Bloom is the Fairy of the Dragon Flame. Her title comes from the source of her powers: a flame from the Great Dragon, a deity that created the Magic Dimension. She is the most powerful fairy and the leader of the Winx Club. Before discovering her magical powers, she lived on Earth as an ordinary human, unaware of her birth on the

Who plays flora in Winx Club?

Main Winx Club Cast. Princess Bloom. voiced by Molly C Quinn and 14 others. Princess Stella. voiced by Amy Gross and 6 others. Flora. voiced by Alejandra Reynoso and 9 others. Musa. voiced by Romi Dames and 12 others.

Which episode in Winx Club does Musa earn her Charmix?

Musa is a character in the Winx Club animated series. Her first appearance was in the second episode of the first season, Benvenuti a Magix (translation: Welcome to Magix!) (4Kids dub: More Than High School). She is Tecna’s roommate. Musa is a fairy from the planet Melody, where she once lived, where she is the princess of her realm. Her mother died when she was very young, but she loves her