How can I decorate my Janmashtami house?

How can I decorate my Janmashtami house?

Krishna Janmashtami Decoration Ideas: 5 interesting ideas to decorate your puja room

  1. Rangoli. This is one of the most traditional ways to decorate your house on a festival.
  2. Create a dahi handi. Lord Krishna loved ‘Dahi’ or curd and unsalted white butter.
  3. Decorate Bansuris. Lord Krishna loved to play bansuri or flute.

What can I do for Janmashtami special?

Read on to find some interesting activities here.

  1. Dress Up Like Krishna:
  2. Decorate Curd Pot:
  3. Create Janmashtami Greeting Card:
  4. Make Krishna’s Crown:
  5. Clay Idol Of Lord Krishna:
  6. Draw Rangoli:
  7. Read Out Krishna’s Storybooks:
  8. Arrange Janmashtami Treasure Hunt:

What should we keep for Krishna Janmashtami?

While many people observe nirjala fast (avoid food and water both) on Janmashtami, there are people who eat vrat ka khana. If you are the latter, you may indulge in sabudana papad, sabudana khichdi, kuttu paratha or samak rice cooked in desi ghee and sendha namak to keep the body healthy and energized.

How can I decorate my Diwali at home?

Diya and candles can also be used for home decoration for the Diwali festival. You can use string lights along with Diyas and scented candles to keep the mood festive. You can create patterns using Diyas or hang the lights on the wall for a simple and elegant Diwali light decoration inside the home.

Which colour should we wear on Janmashtami?

Yellow and Orange are the two colors that are considered to be auspicious and loved by Lord Krishna. It is a great idea to incorporate these two colors in your outfits this season.

What is Krishna Favourite food?

Maakhan Mishri: It is considered to be Lord Krishna’s favorite, it is made with fresh homemade butter that is mixed with rock sugar or sugar and offered to the deity.

Which sweets does Krishna like?

Here are some traditional sweets that are an intrinsic part of Janmashtami celebrations:

  • Peda. Peda is one of the most popular offerings to Lord Krishna.
  • Charnamrit/panchamrit.
  • Dhaniya Panjiri.
  • Kheer.
  • Makkhan Mishri.
  • Rabdi.
  • Malpua.

How do you decorate your house for a festival?

Festivals are celebrated with much fervour and zeal by lighting up lamps, candles or beautifully decorated lanterns. You can make paper lanterns and can hang them around the house to make the place look vibrant. You can even hang decorative and colourful kandeels around your house on the day of the festivals.

Which is the Favourite colour of Krishna ji?

Favourite Colour While talking about favourite things of Lord Krishna, you get curious to know about his favourite colour. Though the idols are decorated with different colours of dhoti, the colour, mostly used is yellow.

Can we wear black clothes on Janmashtami?

There is no rule that prevents you from wearing black colour or any coloured clothes while visiting temples.

Which Colour clothes to wear on which day for Laddu Gopal?

As per Hinduism, Monday’s color is white or blue. Monday is presided over by Lord Shiva and blue flowers are offered to him in prayers. Also, Monday is ruled by Chandra (The Moon) hence, white. On this day, Laddu Gopal can be dressed up in shades of white or blue.

Can we pluck Tulsi leaves on janmashtmi?

On the day of Janmashtami, people must not pluck the leaves from the Tulsi plant. However, the Tulsi obtained from the plant a day before Janmashtami must be offered to Lord Krishna.

What should not eat in Janmashtami?

You can have ‘Sabudana’ in the form of ‘Khichadi’ or ‘Kheer’ and ‘Kuttu Ka Aata’ as ‘Parantha’. Several people consume ‘Pakoda’, chips, ‘Papad’, ‘Kuttu and Singadha Puris’. One should avoid having such food items as can they can create problems like acidity and gas.

What is the birth date of Lord Krishna?

July 21, 3228 BC)

Why do we decorate Jhula on Janmashtami?

The idol of Krishna being placed on Jhula symbolizes his birth. It is an integral part of the Janmashtami decor that people set up to welcome Laddu Gopal. Decorate the Krishna Jhula with flowers, craft materials, and small LED lights.

How to celebrate Krishna Janmashtami at home?

Krishna Janmashtami, a day observed as Krishna’s birth as the eighth avatar of Vishnu. With beautiful clothes for Lord Krishna, Janmashtami decor, and Krishna Lila, devotees celebrate this festival with much fervor. Apart from clothes and accessories, plan decor with charming home decor items.

What is the significance of Janmashtami in Hinduism?

Krishna Janmashtami, a day observed as Krishna’s birth as the eighth avatar of Vishnu. With beautiful clothes for Lord Krishna, Janmashtami decor, and Krishna Lila, devotees celebrate this festival with much fervor.

What do you wear on Janmashtami?

Clothes and Accessories The clothes of Lord Krishna are the key part of Janmashtami Decor. People often chose clothes in bright colors with lacework, stones, and mirrors. As part of accessories, Flute and peacock feathers are the key part of the accessory.