How can I check my e-Challan status in Odisha?

How can I check my e-Challan status in Odisha?

Step 1: Go to the Odisha Government e-challan website: Step 2: Enter either of the 3 numbers (CRN/BRN/DRN) under the heading ‘Challan Status’. Step 3: Then, enter the captcha code and then click on the ‘Search’ button.

What happens if traffic challan not paid in Odisha?

Consequences of not paying challan on time: If you do not submit the e-challan on time, your challan is likely to go to court. Following which the vehicle owner needs to go to court to pay fines. Even on-spot challan is also sent to the court by the traffic police after a period of 60 days, if not paid.

How much is the fine for driving without license in Odisha?

List of Updated Fines for Violation of Traffic Rules in Odisha

Violation of the rule New penalties in effect from 1 September Old penalties
Unauthorized use of vehicles without driving license Rs.1,000- Rs.5,000 Rs.1,000
Vehicles without permit Rs.10,000 and/or prison of up to 6 months, community service. Up to Rs.5,000

How do I reprint challan?

Login to SBI Internet banking.

  1. Click on E-tax and then Reprint Challan as shown in the image below.
  2. Give the date you made the Challan.
  3. Click on the reference number. You can see the Challan.
  4. Download the PDF.

What is challan number?

CIN stands for Challan Identification Number. It is a 17-digit number that is 14-digit CPIN plus 3-digit Bank Code. CIN is generated by the authorized banks/ Reserve Bank of India (RBI) when payment is actually received by such authorized banks or RBI and credited in the relevant government account held with them.

How do I dispose of challan in court?

The challan has to be disposed off in the jurisdiction of the court in which it was issued. If you like my answer, please rate me. A. What you should is hire a lawyer form Rajasthan and request him to appear in court on your behalf and get this done for you.

How much is fine for expired license?

Motorists who have not renewed their expired licence will pay about 10% penalty fees for each month. Traffic officials could also hand out fines up to R1000 for an expired vehicle licence disc.

What is the full form of LMV?

LMV means Light Motor Vehicle while MCWG means Motorcycle With Gear. License Class.

How can I get challan 280 receipt?

Download Challan 280 (Offline)

  1. Step – 1: Visit the official website of Income Tax India at
  2. Step – 2: On the home page, click on the ‘Forms/Downloads’ option from the top menu.
  3. Step – 3: Click on the ‘Challans’ option under the ‘Forms/Downloads’ menu.

How can I get my challan ID number?

The collecting bank branch will put a rubber stamp on the challan and its counterfoil indicating a unique Challan Identification Number (CIN) comprising of seven digit BSR Code allotted by RBI to that bank branch, the date of deposit (dd/ mm/ yy i.e. six digits), and the challan serial number in 5 digits.

What should I do after challan 280?

Declaring the Taxes Paid After you have made the tax payment, you need to furnish this information in your income tax return. Go to Taxes Paid Summary Page on ClearTax to update this information. Select the “Self Tax Payments” tab and enter the BSR code and challan number from Challan 280.

Is a traffic fine a criminal offence?

As soon as the person’s finger prints have been taken and a formal dossier opened, the person will get a criminal record if he pays the fine. Paying a normal speeding fine, however, does not fall under this rule and will not land you with a criminal record.

What is challan in criminal case?

The third report, called challan, is sent to the magistrate by the police after the case is concluded under Section 173 of the CrPC. In a way, it is also called the final report. It is a description of all the investigations carried out by the police which are presented before the magistrate. It is known by two names.

What happens if traffic challan not paid Quora?

If you don’t pay the challan fine within 60 days, the police constable can reach your home. The case will be registered against the traffic offender under section 187 of Motor Vehicle Act. And also in the worst case, the matter reaches the court and your driving license could also get canceled.

How do you get URA PRN?

Generate a PRN from any ACMIS portal(Online application portal, students’ portal, universal payments portal).

  1. Go to the URA website( and click on eServices as shown in the following screenshot.
  2. On the next page, click on Pay VISA/MASTERCARD PRN.