HI-FLOAT prevents air from escaping through the walls of a latex balloon. It actually does an even better job of preventing loss with air than it does with helium. HI-FLOAT works in air-filled round and non-round balloons, such as 260s….

Balloon Size Cost of ULTRA HI-FLOAT
14 inches 10-11 cents
16 inches 15-17 cents

How much HI-FLOAT do I need?


36 inches 3 pumps no clip
40 inches 4 pumps no clip
48 inches 3/4 cup (add through funnel)
60 inches 1 1/2 cup (add through funnel)

Can you inhale HI-FLOAT?

Helium is not toxic nor flammable, but breathing it can result in asphyxiation (loss of consciousness due to insufficient oxygen). Most of our latex helium balloons are treated with Hi-Float and while it is non-toxic, you don’t want to put it in your lungs either!

Does high float dry clear?

ULTRA HI-FLOAT® and SUPER HI-FLOAT® are non-toxic sealants that can be used inside latex balloons to increase the floating time. Both dry crystal clear and form a barrier to the helium inside the balloon.

Can you use HI-FLOAT in clear balloons?

When using HI-FLOAT in clear or transparent balloons, some uneven runs of liquid may be visible initially. These will gradually disappear as the coating dries. Splatter can be minimized in a number of ways. Try inflating the balloon more slowly, with the helium nozzle pointed in a downward direction.

Can you put hi-float in bubble balloons?

Do not use HI-FLOAT products or Balloon Shine on Bubbles or latex balloons inside Bubbles. Bubbles are pop resistant, but not pop proof. They can withstand outside pressure changes. However, exposing them to extreme heat or sharp objects may cause them to burst.

Can you inhale Hi-float?

Does HI-FLOAT make balloons shiny?

Keeps latex balloons shiny for weeks and weeks; balloons treated with HI-SHINE look brighter and shinier than when they were first inflated! Restore the shine to latex balloons that have become dull or cloudy. – Use with air-filled decor and helium-filled balloons.

How long will Latex balloons last with HI-FLOAT?

about 2-3 days
11” latex balloons generally last between 12-20 hours filled with helium, and about 2-3 days when treated with Hi-Float.

What can I use instead of hi-float?

STP brand “Son of a Gun” can be used on the outside of a latex balloon (instead of Hi-Float) to prevent the chalky oxidation that results from long exposure to air.

What is Ultra Hi-Float?

What is ULTRA HI-FLOAT? It’s a patented liquid solution that dries inside latex helium-filled balloons to form a coating that helps hold in the helium. A single squirt inside the balloon keeps it floating longer – up to 25 times longer!

How long does it take for Hi Float to work?

Just wanted to brag about how well Ultra Hi-Float works. I treated an 11″ Qualatex printed latex balloon 10-31-11, today is 2-14-12 (106 days) and balloon is still floating just about perfect. Whether you’re a professional party planner or a do-it-yourselfer, we make purchasing HI-FLOAT easy.

Why Hi-Float is the best?

Best of all, HI-FLOAT is convenient and easy to use. In fact, you can inflate your balloons a day before the party so that you can concentrate on other preparations. No more last-minute decorating!