Can I customize my MagicBand?

Can I customize my MagicBand?

Customizing your MagicBands is not a complicated process. There are simply two choices to make when personalizing and ordering MagicBands. Guests can now choose from the solid color MagicBand or they can choose to order a Premium MagicBand.

Can you change MagicBand color?

If you ordered a solid-colored MagicBand, all you have to do to change the color is log into your My Disney Experience account and click My MagicBands and Cards. You will then see the MagicBand colors by each guest in your party. From there, you will then be able to change the color with just a few clicks!

How much does it cost to customize a MagicBand?

At the present time, customized On Demand MagicBands are priced at $24.99. If you want to add your name or a special message to your On Demand MagicBand, personalized On Demand MagicBands are priced at $32.99.

Can you reprogram Disney MagicBands?

A. No. Your MagicBand or card is unique to you and only you are authorized to access the benefits associated with it—including linked tickets, touch-to-pay purchases and other entitlements. Once a MagicBand or card is linked to your Disney account, it cannot be transferred to another person.

Can I paint my MagicBand?

Use acrylic paint to create a custom color scheme for your MagicBand. “Paint” your MagicBand with nail polish. There are many ways to add some touches or even create a custom color for your band. There are many nail polish options that come with small brushes, perfect for small details on the band.

Do MagicBands have your name on them?

When ordering MagicBands that are associated with a Disney Resort Hotel stay, Guests have the option to customize their MagicBand with a name. The names are printed in tiny letters on the inside of the band.

Can you paint your MagicBand?

Why are MagicBands so limited?

“Due to ongoing, industry-wide supply chain challenges, MagicBands may have limited availability or be unavailable in some styles. Our teams are working to improve our selection over the coming weeks and recommend Guests continue to check back to see if their preferred style is available.”

How long do MagicBands last?

about 2 years
It is perfectly acceptable to reuse an old MagicBand on your next trip. The official word from Walt Disney World is that the battery life of a band is expected to be about 2 years.

Will MagicBands be used in 2022?

MagicBand+ will be available for purchase beginning in Summer 2022, including a discounted, pre-arrival price for Disney Resort hotel guests as well as new and renewing Walt Disney World Annual Passholders.

What to do with old MagicBands?

Recycle Your MagicBand Simply pack with you on your next trip and hand them over to the front desk at your Disney Resort. They will recycle the MagicBands for you. Also remember to de-activate your MagicBand on My Disney Experience, this will remove the band from your profile.

Does everyone in your party need a MagicBand?

Because they function like a physical ticket would, each MagicBand is linked to one specific person. While it’s fine if some members of your party use one and others don’t, anyone who would like to take advantage of the convenience of a MagicBand would need their own.

Is Disney sold out of MagicBands?

In terms of MagicBand availability, there are only 12 options as of April 9, 2022. This is the fewest we’ve ever seen, down dramatically from just one month ago. The good news is that the awesome Wilderness Lodge, Caribbean Beach, Old Key West, and WDW 50th LE designs are all available.

Can you still use MagicBands in 2021?

MagicBands may now be becoming a thing of the past–free distribution was discontinued in January 2021. Though the MagicBand freebies are over, you can still buy new bands.

Can MagicBands get wet?

I have great news for you because MagicBands are waterproof and can be worn in the shower or swimming pool! I have worn my MagicBand in the pool and while taking a shower and had no issues. I really love the MagicBand technology because it adds some extra magic to a Walt Disney World vacation!

What’s the lifespan of a MagicBand?

two years
The official estimated average lifespan of a MagicBand is two years. However some Walt Disney World Resort guests often post on social media that theirs are still going strong well after that time frame.

Do old style MagicBands still work?

Yes. If you have a MagicBand or card that you like, and it is in working condition, you can continue to use it when you return to Walt Disney World Resort.

How can I customize my MagicBands?

It’s helpful to have your MagicBands available upon arrival at your Disney resort. You can further customize your MagicBands by personalizing it with decals and accessories. Specially designed MagicBands and accessories can be purchased at You can also decorate your MagicBands with decals from

What do the Disney MagicBands come in?

The MagicBands arrive in a brown cardboard box, so if there are little ones in your home who are not aware of travel plans, they won’t notice the box. In fact, the box doesn’t have any Disney markings on it at all. Once it is opened, though, expect to see a bright box decorated with The Incredibles images.

How long does it take to get the magic bands?

Once the bands have been personalized, they are ready for shipment. As long as you customize your MagicBands more than 11 days prior to your arrival, they ship to your home. If you customize between 10 and 6 days prior to your trip, you will receive your bands at your Disney hotel.