Tips for future pros in the writing service

Writing an essay, article or text for websites for money is a promising way to get time and location-independent working and growing income. Now let’s look at the areas where this kind of work is real with a potential for growth for the author of the text.

What to write about?

For many authors working on the writing market, construction, business, tourism, automobiles, and medicine are a priority. If you write about that, there is a high likelihood that the work will be bought. But don’t forget the competitors is writing the same.

Choose some areas that are of interest to you where you have at least minimal experience. Start writing small texts. Make sure the text answers one question or solves one problem.

After 10-20 writings, you can put them on sale. Fill out your profile as detailed as possible, specify what tasks you can solve, what experience you have, what you study. Often some freelance marketplaces include the section order, where mostly resellers are on the watch.

These orders are not recommendable to undertake:

  • you’ll just be depressed. The people who pay the least always want much more;
  • you work hard and get hardly anything. Plus, the marketplace wondering about its commission.

When working through freelance markets, follow a few guidelines:

  • choose subjects in which you want to continue to be improved. Write for free sale;
  • do not drive up prices and not to work for nothing. Adequately assess your skills and work.

How to find orders for writing

To find information on how to start writing an essay for money is not nearly as difficult as finding customers for this work. Many authors, doing odd jobs, and give it up with the conviction the creative writing is thankless, poorly paid work. The reason for this is the inability to sell their services and to deal with customers. Starting to work with the freelance market, the newcomer remains here either for a long time or soon leaves disappointed due to high competition, cheap orders and the need to write for rating.

What to do? Use the marketplaces only as your store of articles. Write for free sale, be sure to make several versions of articles for the portfolio. Many of those websites do not provide an opportunity to specify links and contacts, so try to emerge from the shadows with open articles within the resource. After deciding what subject you are feeling comfortable with start, search for theme-based web sites, blogs, portals and offer them your services. Fill out a resume and place it on large Internet sites for finding work.

Don’t think about any site unless you’re completely sure you want to turn the text writing into permanent employment. Find 5-10 freelance sites, fill out forms, fill up and prepare a portfolio. Start your own group in a social network where you will upload your products, post personal articles and keep your blog until you have your own website. For each author should, ideally, have his own website. Academic or best essay writing service is, above all, a site. So why not to create your own job hunting tool?

Create a website as your own service

  • You are positioning yourself as a specialist. Writing articles is a business. Is your business offline? Then it doesn’t exist at all. Through your site you will receive customers from search engines. In addition, authors with a site are taken more seriously than those who do not have it;
  • Global job marketplaces, services and other sites can block your profile without giving reasons. Given no other choice, you will have to start everything from scratch;
  • Developing your site, you learn promoting, web writing, optimizing. As a result, you can work as a content manager, take orders for publications that are more expensive than just writing an article.

Internet promotion is gaining momentum. Articles for websites and essays are in demand by companies, specialists and students. Finding orders for texts is more than real. Provided that you are not sitting there and writing reams of senseless text purely for your rating.


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