Why Videocon d2h is the best choice for regional package combos?

Why Videocon d2h is the best choice for regional package combos?

The diversity in your family demands diversity in your D2H packages as well. Videocon D2H brings the best regional package Combos from all parts of the country. Whether it is the southern Combo that you want to go for including Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, etc, or the other regional language Combos, Videocon has all of them for you.

What is Videocon value combo package and value combo South?

They have introduced new packages named Videocon d2h Value Combo Package and Value combo South. which is offering 100 Channels and Services at Rs.130 (+ GST), You can check available channel name in this packages.

Why Videocon d2h has launched a-la-carte pack?

Videocon d2h have launched A-La-Carte packsto serve the needs of growing consumer market. Videocon d2h offers large number of channels & services for the consumers and additionally it provides strong regional content for their specific Audiences with all the sports channels on its platform.

What is the price of Videocon Odiya d2h package?

The prices starts from as low as Rs 185 per month. Videocon brings to you an amazing collection of regional D2H packages for unlimited entertainment at the comfort of your home. If the desire is to watch the best TV shows in Odiya then you can select one of the below-mentioned Odiya D2H packages and watch your favorite reality shows, Movies, etc.

How to deactivate a particular add-on from Videocon d2h pack?

Ans: To deactivate a particular add-on from the Videocon D2H pack, you can either get in touch with the customer care on the Videocon Infinity App or Call on the Tollfree number for assistance. 6. How to check Videocon D2H balance?

How to check Videocon d2h balance?

How to check Videocon D2H balance? Ans: There are three easy ways to check your Videocon D2H balance: You can Log In on the Videocon website with your customer ID and the registered mobile number. You can click on ‘My Account’ to check the remaining balance.