Why Naini station is haunted?

Why Naini station is haunted?

Naini Railway Station, Uttar Pradesh Though people haven’t particularly ‘seen’ figures or shadows, a ghostly presence has been felt here; possibly of the unfortunate souls of the freedom fighters who perished in Naini Jail, not too far from the station.

Which is the most haunted railway station in India?

Passengers deserted the station and it had come to be known as haunted in Railway records. The station was listed by Railways as one of its 10 haunted stations in India….

Begunkodor railway station
Location Begunkodor, Purulia district, West Bengal India
Coordinates 23.3875°N 86.0217°E
Elevation 308 metres (1,010 ft)

Which is the most haunted railway station in world?

Begunkodor station, near the Ayodhya Hills and 50 km from Purulia town, had earned the distinction of being a “ghost station” after 1967, the year its stationmaster reportedly died after seeing a woman clad in a white sari walking along the tracks at night.

Which is haunted railway station?

The Dombivli railway station in Maharashtra makes it to the list of haunted railway stations in India as numerous reports have been lodged regarding unnatural occurrences.

Is Patalpani haunted?

6. Patalpani Station, Madhya Pradesh. This railway station is considered as haunted. Here the British had thrown the freedom fighters Tantya Bhil.

How can a train move without engine?

In their preliminary inquiry, railway officials have found that non-application of skid-brake on the wheels of the coaches had led to the train rolling down the slope for 20 minutes without an engine. Seven railway employees, including the loco pilots of the train, have been suspended for the incident.

Which is the horror station in India?

1. Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station, West Bengal. Reports suggest that people have spotted a ghostly-figure roaming around on the tracks. Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station in Kolkata is quite a popular station that is used by many commuters on a daily basis but it is also believed to be haunted.

Which is the big station in India?

New Delhi Railway Station (NDLS) – 16 Platforms The railway station holds the record for being the largest railway station in India and the most complex interlocking system in the world. The New Delhi station handles more than 500,000 passengers every day.

Why is Begunkodar railway station closed?

According to the villagers of Begunkodor, (also called ‘Bagun Kodar’) a woman had once died there in the railway accident, after which many paranormal incidents have been sighted. The station was subsequently closed as trains stopped making halts there due to its haunted reputation.

Does train 18 have engine?

Train 18 is driven by a self-propulsion module sans a separate locomotive (engine). 8. The self-propelled train, fitted with CCTV cameras, would have two executive compartments in the middle with 52 seats each, whereas trailer coaches would have 78 seats each.

What station is closed for 42?

Today we are going to tell you about one such ghostly railway station in India, where not only people but the administration was also afraid, due to which trains did not stop at this railway station for 42 long years. This railway station is in Purulia district of West Bengal, whose name is Begunkodor railway station.

Which train passes through Begunkodar station?

Timetable of 8 trains passing through Begunkodar (also called Begun Kudar) railway station (station code: BKDR) Purulia, West Bengal….Trains to Begunkodar & Train Timing.

No: 03598
Train Name Asansol Ranchi MEMU Special
Arr. 08:30
Dep. 08:31
Schedule S M T W T F S