Why is St. Louis hockey team called the blues?

Why is St. Louis hockey team called the blues?

The Blues (whose name is derived from musician W.C. Handy’s classic composition “St. Louis Blues”) joined the NHL during the 1967–68 season as one of the six teams added to the league when it expanded from the so-called “Original Six” franchises.

How many times have the St. Louis Blues been in the Stanley Cup finals?

The St. Louis Blues have appeared in the Stanley Cup Finals 4 times, in 1968, 1969, 1970 and 2019.

Who has been on the St. Louis Blues the longest?

Bernie Federko
Bernie Federko Federko played 927 games over 13 seasons in St. Louis, which makes him the longest tenured player to wear the BlueNote.

What date did the Blues win the Stanley Cup?

June 12, 2019
On June 12, 2019, the Blues defeated the Bruins 4–1 in Game 7 to win their first Stanley Cup.

Did Wayne Gretzky play for the St. Louis Blues?

Wayne Gretzky’s time with the Blues is likely the least talked about time of his career. That stems mainly from the fact that his stay in St. Louis did not last very long. Just 18 regular-season games with “The Great One” wearing the blue note, plus 13 more in the playoffs.

What does the St. Louis Blues logo mean?

St. Louis refers to the city’s rich tradition of blues singing. The blue note logo signifies the musical affiliation. It’s been said that the Blues’ logo resembles a stylized 64th note (and it does), with some claiming it’s a reference to the founding of St. Louis in 1764.

Which teams have never won the Stanley Cup?

In total, there are eleven teams in the NHL that have never won the Stanley Cup: the Minnesota Wild, the Arizona Coyotes, the Buffalo Sabres, the Columbus Blue Jackets, the Florida Panthers, the Ottawa Senators, the Vancouver Canucks, the Nashville Predators, the San Jose Sharks, the Vegas Golden Knights, and the …

Who has the most goals in Blues history?

Career Leaders

1. Brian Sutter 1786
2. Kelly Chase 1497
3. Barclay Plager 1115
4. Barret Jackman 1026
5. David Backes 969

Who did St. Louis Blues beat in Stanley Cup?

the Boston Bruins
STL@BOS, Gm7: Blues win Stanley Cup for first time Louis Blues are Stanley Cup champions for the first time. St. Louis defeated the Boston Bruins 4-1 in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final at TD Garden on Wednesday. “It doesn’t feel real,” Blues center Brayden Schenn said.

Why is Gretzky the goat?

Well, we have our answer: it’s Wayne Gretzky. Think about it: He did what he did on skates. Sixteen sporting icons entered our GOAT of GOATs bracket, and No. 99 took down Michael Jordan in the finals, taking home 60% of the vote.

Why does the Blues logo have wings?

1967 — 1978 The meaning of the wing is symbolic. The players wanted their logo to feature something related to hockey, and the wing was to render movement and dynamism which are characteristic of the game. The viewer’s attention is drawn by the yellow outline. The logo immediately got the name “the Note”.

Which NHL team is no longer in existence?

the Barons
Both teams with financial problems. To date, the Barons are the last NHL franchise to cease operations.

What is the highest scoring Blues game?

November 7, 1968 Red Berenson scores an amazing six goals as the Blues shutout the Philadelphia Flyers, 8-0 in Philadelphia. Berenson went on to score 35 goal that season to lead the Blues. The NHL record for the most goals in one game (seven) was set by Joe Malone on January 31, 1920.

Who was the first Blues player to score 50 goals?

Maurice “The Rocket” Richard
Louis Blues’ 50-Goal Scorers. Ever since Maurice “The Rocket” Richard became the first to do so in 1944-45, scoring 50 goals in one season has been the pinnacle plateau for NHL goal scorers. The magic 50-number has distinguished the true “snipers” of the league.

Has the St. Louis Blues ever won a Stanley Cup?

Louis Blues are Stanley Cup champions for the first time. St. Louis defeated the Boston Bruins 4-1 in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final at TD Garden on Wednesday. “It doesn’t feel real,” Blues center Brayden Schenn said.

What is the history of the St Louis Blues hockey team?

St. Louis Blues. The team is named after the famous W. C. Handy song ” Saint Louis Blues .”. The franchise was founded in 1967 as an expansion team during the league’s 1967 NHL Expansion, which expanded the league from six teams to twelve. The Blues are the oldest active NHL team never to have won the Stanley Cup,…

Where can I find information about the St Louis Blues? is the official Web site of the St Louis Blues. St Louis Blues, and are trademarks of the St Louis Blues Hockey Club.

Who was the first coach of the St Louis Blues?

The Blues were originally coached by Lynn Patrick who resigned in late November 1967 and was replaced by Scotty Bowman. Soon after, on November 29, St. Louis made a trade with the New York Rangers that would shape the franchise for the next decade. Red Berenson and Barclay Plager were acquired for Ron Stewart and Ron Attwell.

What was the old name of the St Louis Blues Arena?

The arena was previously known as Scottrade Center, the Savvis Center, and before that as the Kiel Center. The team played in the St. Louis Arena (known as The Checkerdome from 1977 until 1983 ), where the old St. Louis Eagles played, and which the original owners had to buy as a condition of the 1967 NHL expansion.