Why do some Star Trek ships have 4 nacelles?

Why do some Star Trek ships have 4 nacelles?

From past discussions it’s been theorized that four nacelles would be used in vessels going great distances from starbase support, allowing the ship to switch off and lessen duty cycles.

What is a nacelle on Star Trek?

A nacelle was an outboard engine housing structure on a spacecraft. The nacelles in warp-capable shuttles and starships housed the warp coils of the vessel’s warp drive.

How do Star Trek nacelles work?

Warp nacelles contain a number of field coils which create a warp field when injected with highly energetic warp plasma, or plasma created in the warp core by the reaction of deuterium and antideuterium, mediated through an assembly of dilithium crystals, which are nonreactive with antimatter when subjected to high- …

What do nacelles do?

The nacelle of a wind turbine houses the drive train and other tower-top components. It sits on top of a yaw bearing that allows it to rotate as the wind direction changes. The nacelle must be accessible for maintenance and repair work.

Why are Discovery nacelles detached?

The detached nature allows them to mitigate the problems of drag at high warp velocities and mitigate the metallurgical problems of generating the strength of field needed to achieve and maintain said velocities. EDIT. to further explain a proposed mechanism to attach the nacelles to the ships.

Why did Voyager’s warp nacelles move?

@einer – The principle is that by moving during the warp sequence, they somehow remove the subspace damage. If they were up already, that movement wouldn’t occur. When the ship returns to impulse, the pylons lower the nacelles back into their “ready” state.

Why do warp nacelles glow?

Warp nacelles are usually not directly attached to the engineering hull in order to provide an optimum shape of the warp field. The blue glowing in the warp nacelle’s centerline could be attributed to excess energy flowing back from subspace (see Jason Hinson’s website) which potentially replenishes the warp plasma.

Why is it called a nacelle?

Nacelle comes from the french word “nacelle” which is the gondola or wicker basket suspended beneath a balloon. So, by analogy, many things that are outside the body of an aircraft, like the compartments that house the engines, can be called nacelles.

Why did Voyagers nacelles move?

Voyager’s folding wing-and-nacelle warp drive system allows the starship to exceed the warp 5 “speed limit” without polluting the space continuum. Voyager can reach a speed of warp 9.975, but only for short periods.

Why are the nacelles on pylons?

A nacelle pylon, also known as a warp pylon or a nacelle strut, was a large support structure that connected a warp nacelle to the hull of a starship. A nacelle pylon housed the systems that directly linked a warp nacelle to a starship’s warp core.

Is nacelle and cowling same?

The definition of a cowling is specifically a removable cover of the engine. the removable cover of a vehicle or aircraft engine. So a nacelle refers to the whole covering of an engine that is outside the plane, typically on the wing. The cowling would just be the removable part of this cover.

What does nacelle mean?

a streamlined enclosure
Definition of nacelle : a streamlined enclosure (as for an engine) on an aircraft.

Why are warp nacelles on pylons?

They have to be constructed to withstand highest levels of stress.

What is nacelle and pylon?

What is the difference between nacelle and Cowling?

What are nacelles on a Star Trek ship?

Some starship classes, such as the Defiant -class and the Steamrunner -class, possessed nacelles that were integrated into the ship’s main structure without pylons. ( Star Trek: Deep Space Nine; Star Trek: First Contact ) Alien vessels, such as the Dominion ‘s Jem’Hadar fighters, also possessed nacelles. ( DS9: ” Sons and Daughters “)

Do Star Trek nacelles contain bussard collectors?

The nacelles contain subspace field coils and in some cases have Bussard collectors mounted at the fore end. STAR TREK and related marks are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc.

How did the warp nacelles work in Star Trek?

( TNG: ” In Theory “, ” Descent ” display graphic) The warp coils in warp nacelles created a subspace displacement field, which “warped” the space around the vessel allowing it to “ride” on a spatial distortion, and travel faster than the speed of light.

Can a star ship operate with only one nacelle?

However, such vessels could operate with one nacelle disabled, but at reduced warp speeds. ( VOY: ” Year of Hell “; ENT: ” Twilight “) It was not unprecedented, though, for vessels to have had different nacelle configurations. For example, Federation Freedom -class, Saladin -class, Hermes -class, and Kelvin -type starships had only one nacelle.