Why did Robotboy get Cancelled?

Why did Robotboy get Cancelled?

The website contained the game Robotboy: Professor Moshimo’s Robot Testing Lab, to raise the profile of the cartoon. Cartoon Network stopped ordering new series after series 2 (seasons 3 and 4) as they felt 4 seasons was enough, and therefore left the production.

Is Robotboy and Robotgirl siblings?

When Professor Moshimo introduced Robotgirl to Robotboy, she began to take a liking to him. It’s pretty much unknown what her relation is to Robotboy, but since Professor Moshimo created the both of them (which makes him their father in a way), she is basically a sister to Robotboy.

How old is Robotboy?

The show’s premise is about a newly developed defense robot, aptly named Robotboy, who is placed in the care of a 10-year old boy named Tommy Turnbull in order to learn about being a real boy.

When was Robotboy Cancelled?

September 27, 2008Robotboy / Final episode date

Was flapjack Cancelled?

The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack was unfairly canceled after 3 seasons. Its surreal style and one of a kind humor would do well today. The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack is a one-of-a-kind cartoon notable for its surreal art style and witty humor.

Where can I watch Robotboy?

Robotboy, an animated series starring Laurence Bouvard, Rupert Degas, and Togo Igawa is available to stream now. Watch it on Kidoodle.TV®- Safe Streaming™ on your Roku device.

When was Robotboy made?

November 1, 2005Robotboy / First episode date

How tall is Robotboy?

Robotboy is roughly 30 cm (about 1 foot) in Deactivated mode, 45 cm (1.5 feet) in Activated mode, and 182.5 cm (6 feet) in Super-activated mode. However, if you include his ears, SA Robotboy would be 7 feet tall, greatly towering over any adult in the show, even Kurt’s Father.

Who is robot BOII father?

Robot Boii was born in Pimville, Soweto, South Africa, into the family of Mr. Elijah Katali (father) and Roselinah Msuthukazi Mbuli (mother).

Where can I watch Robotboys?

Streaming on Roku. Robotboy, an animated series starring Laurence Bouvard, Rupert Degas, and Togo Igawa is available to stream now. Watch it on Kidoodle.TV®- Safe Streaming™ on your Roku device.

What was the last episode of Robotboy?

The Return of Robotgirl; Momma’s BoyRobotboy / Latest episode
“Momma’s Boy” is the 104th episode of the series, the 13th(b) of Season 4 and the very last episode of Robotboy. In this episode, while Kaziland is having a renovation, Dr. Kamikazi and Constantine decide to live with Kamikazi’s old mother who lives in Bay Area.

What animal is Schnitzel?

A schnitzel is a thin slice of meat. The meat is usually thinned by pounding with a meat tenderizer. Most commonly, the meat is breaded before frying. Breaded schnitzel is popular in many countries and is made using veal, pork, chicken, mutton, beef, or turkey.

When was Robotboy created?

What is the first episode of Robotboy?

Dog-Ra / War and PiecesRobotboy / First episode

What is robot Boi real name?


Robot Boii
Full Name: Mzwakhe Mthandeni Mzee Ntshengula Mbuli Jr
Stage Name: Robot Boii
Born: 19 November 1993 (age 28)
Place of Birth: Pimville, Soweto, South Africa

What is the real name of robot boy?

Robot Boii (born Mzwakhe Mbuli) is a South African singer and dancer….Profile.

Name Mzwakhe Mbuli Jr.
Stage name Robot Boii
Age around 28 years old
Gender Male
Nationality South African

What is Robotboy Tommy takeaway?

What is Robotboy Tommy Takeaway? Robotboy Tommy Takeaway is our cool game that you have to play it on our site and try to determine everything that is going to happen to us all the time because that is the only way in which you would be ready to finish and make something so great and so nice that you would never have thought to have occured.

What happened to Robotboy and Gus when they saw Tommy on TV?

Robotboy and Gus are still at home when they see Tommy on television destroying the city. When Robotboy tries to help Tommy, the Superactived Belt defend himself and gets in a fight with Robotboy, but with Tommy still inside it. Because he can’t en want to hurt Tommy Robotboy’s fighting is weak.

What happened to Tommy’s clothes when Robotboy destroyed the exoskeleton?

When Robotboy destroys the superactive Exoskeleton by sawing it in to two pieces, we see that Robotboy accidentally destroyed also Tommy’s clothing and that only his underwear is left on. But when Tommy falls out of the exoskeleton and falls onto the ground, he still has all of his clothes on.

What kind of body does Robotboy have?

His pelvis and torso are boxier and he has a jutted chest and sharp, pointy, dark-blue shoulder blades. Superactivated Robotboy is a formidable fighter, nearly winning in almost every battle he is in, and often strikes fear and panic in most of his foes, just by his appearance alone.