Why did KBO LWO feel angry?

Why did KBO LWO feel angry?

Difficulties arose when for the first time the barns were almost empty and the new harvest was still a long way off. This made Kbo Iwo wild with great anger. In his hunger, he destroyed all the houses and even all the temples. It made the Balinese turn to rage.

Why did the innkeeper want to steal the table?

The devil came to the innkeeper and he planned to steal the table to serve his guests delicious food without spending any money.

What is Mount Batur Quizizz?

The mound of earth dug from the well by Kebo Iwo is known as Mount Batur. “They asked Kebo Iwo to build them a very deep well” ( Paragrapgh 3) The underlined word refers to ….

What were the effects of Princess Segara’s magic power to Prince Begawan?

One day Sang Prabu made up his mind to settle the matter by a show of strength. After that, Prince of Blambangan, named Raden Begawan had won the competition. Unfortunately, the wicked fairy, Princess Segara fell in love with Raden Begawan and used magic power to render him unconscious and he forgot his wedding.

What is the social function of the narrative text?

Narrative is a text focusing specific participants. Its social function is to tell stories or past events and entertain the readers. The social function of narrative is to amuse, entertain and to deal with an actual or vicarious experience in different ways.

Why didn’t the man let the farmer use the water from the well?

Birbal asked, “Why don’t you let him use the water of the well. You have sold the well to the farmer.” The man replied, “Birbal, I have sold the well to the farmer, not the water. He has no right to draw the water from the well.”

What do you think will happen if KBO Iwo is never existed in Bali According to the story?

According to the story, if Kebo Iwa is never existed in Bali island, what do you think will happen? There will be no Bali island. Bali People will never be angry. All Bali people will live in a prosperous way.

Why did wicked fairy use her magic?

Unfortunately, the wicked fairy, Princess Segara fell in love with Raden Begawan and used magic power to render him unconscious and he forgot his wedding.

Who was the wise man the legend of Mount Wayang?

(Paragraph 2) The word her in the sentence refers to… Long, long ago, when the gods and goddesses used to mingle in the affairs of mortals, there was a small kingdom on the slope of Mount Wayang in West Java. The King, named Sang Prabu, was a wise man.

What is narrative text Quizizz?

Narrative text is a kind of text to retell the story that past tense. Narrative text is a kind of text to retell the story that past continuos.

What is narrative text PDF?

Narrative text is a text which contains about story (fiction/non fiction/tales/folktales/fables/myths/epic) and its plot consists of climax of the story (complication) then followed by the resolution.

Did the traveler get his silver coin back?

The traveler replied, “ I’m helpless, it’s a strange lock and can be opened only with a silver key.” The inkeeper was required to push a silver coin though the slit. The traveler got back his silver coin and unlock the door.

Which of the following types of text is non fiction?

Some travel writing, autobiographies, or essays that consider a particular viewpoint are key examples of literary non-fiction. Their main purpose is to entertain whilst they inform about factual events or information.

What kind of generic structure will you find in the narrative text?

There are three generic structure of narrative text, namely: Orientation, Complication, and Resolution.

What is a narrative text list down the elements and kinds of narrative text?

Remember, narrative text structure uses a story structure that includes story elements such as setting, characters, conflict, plot (rising action, climax, falling action), and resolution. that the text might be a narrative text type.

What element in narrative writing reveals the message in a story?

1) Exposition (introduction) – Beginning of the story; characters, background, and setting revealed. 2) Rising Action – Events in the story become complicated; the conflict is revealed. These are events between the introduction and climax.

What is the moral value of the story Silver Key?

The inn-keeper pushed in a silver coin. Thus the traveller got his silver coin. Moral:– Tit for tat. Or if you cheat others, others will cheat you.

How do text structures help a reader understand the information in an article?

refers to how the information within a written text is organized. This strategy helps students understand that a text might present a main idea and details; a cause and then its effects; and/or different views of a topic.

How does a table of contents help readers understand informational texts?

The table of contents shows readers the page where certain information can be found. Sometimes we don’t want to read an entire book. If we are looking for specific information, we can look at the table of contents and find where it is located in the book.

What procedure text means?

The purpose of procedure text is to tell the reader how to do or make something. The information is presented in a logical sequence of events which is broken up into small sequenced steps. These texts are usually written in the present tense. The most common example of a procedural text is a recipe.