Who wrote the book Vernon God Little?

Who wrote the book Vernon God Little?

DBC PierreVernon God Little / AuthorPeter Warren Finlay, also known as DBC Pierre, is an Australian author who wrote the novel Vernon God Little.
Pierre was born in South Australia, and largely raised in Mexico. He has resided in the Republic of Ireland and now, according to an August 2020 interview in The Guardian, lives in Cambridgeshire. Wikipedia

What is Vernon God Little about?

Plot synopsis. The life of Vernon Little, a normal teenager who lives in Martirio, Texas, falls apart when his best friend, Jesus Navarro, murders their classmates in the schoolyard before killing himself, and Vernon is taken in for questioning.

What genre is Vernon God Little?

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How does Vernon God Little end?

Vernon is pardoned seconds before he is executed by lethal injection. As the book ends, Vernon and Ella (one of the only classmates to believe his innocence) go on vacation to Mexico, as Vernon’s life finally goes back to normal. DBC Pierre, born Peter Finlay, is an Australian-born author currently living in Ireland.

What is the author’s style in Vernon God Little?

He tells the story in his own words, which creates a unique style and voice that reflects both his age and his attitude toward the world around him. In Vernon God Little, the last two chapters of the novel are open to interpretation by the reader.

Is there an abridged audio recording of Vernon God Little?

An abridged audio recording of Vernon God Little was released by Penguin Audiobooks in 2004. The book is read by Ewen Bremner and is currently available on compact disc or as an audio download through Brian Dennehy is the name Vernon gives to his lawyer in Houston who represents him during his murder trial.

Does Vernon God Little have a good narrator?

In the utterly absurd hyper-America of Vernon God Little, a believable narrator could have helped guide the reader through the madness and ground the story in credibility. Instead, DBC Pierre provides an equally absurd caricature of an American teen that reads exactly like what he is: imaginary.

What happens in the last two chapters of Vernon God Little?

In Vernon God Little, the last two chapters of the novel are open to interpretation by the reader. Some believe that the entire sequence after Vernon is strapped to the gurney exists only in Vernon’s imagination. Some believe that the events actually occur, and offer a satisfying conclusion to the events of the book. What do you think?