Who wrote most of INXS songs?

Who wrote most of INXS songs?

Hutchence and Andrew Farriss wrote all 11 of the original songs.

Was Michael Hutchence a nice guy?

He was courteous and personable, without much of the disingenuous familiarity practised by so many rock stars. Like INXS’ music, he appeared bright but uncomplicated, with no obvious side to him. Though he did like his booze.

When did INXS release dont change?

1982Don’t Change / Released

What was INXS first song?

Simple Simon
INXS released their first single, “Simple Simon”/”We Are the Vegetables”, in Australia and France in May 1980. The single had its debut TV performance on Simon Townsend’s Wonder World.

What did Bono say about Michael Hutchence?

BONO has told how tragic rocker Michael Hutchence was “very, very traumatised” after suffering a brain injury. The INXS frontman was injured after a one-punch attack by a taxi driver during a late-night pizza run in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1992 with his supermodel ex-girlfriend Helena Christensen.

Was INXS the biggest band in the world?

For a stage during the late ’80s, INXS were up there as the biggest band in the world. U2, Bon Jovi, REM, INXS. All in that stratosphere. 33 years on, the band have re-released various incarnations of KICK.

How many lead singers has INXS had?

Fifteen years on from the death of Michael Hutchence, INXS has a new lead singer. Another one. That’s the reaction the band’s longtime members — Andrew, Tim and Jon Farriss, Kirk Pengilly and Garry Gary Beers — so often get when they talk of hiring another frontman.

What was INXS most successful song?

Out of all the INXS Songs on this list, “I Need You Tonight,” is probably the most popular one. The song was released on the Kick album in 1987. The song reached the number three spot on the Billboard Hot 100. It was the first of five singles to be released from the album.

Who did Michael Hutchence wrote Never Tear Us Apart about?

Andrew Farriss
Michael Hutchence
Never Tear Us Apart/Composers

Who is the current lead singer of INXS?

Michael Hutchence1977 – 1997
J.D. Fortune2005 – 2011Jon Stevens2002 – 2003Ciaran Gribbin2011 – 2012
INXS/Lead singers

Who did Michael Hutchence call before he died?

At 9.54, Hutchence made his final phone call, to ex-girlfriend Michèle Bennett, crying and pleading to see her.

Who fronts INXS now?

singer Ciaran Gribbin
INXS have announced that they have hired Irish singer Ciaran Gribbin as their latest frontman. Gribbin, who met keyboardist and primary songwriter Andrew Farriss at a party in Syndey two years ago, has already recorded demos with the band and will join them on the road for a brief tour in November.