Who was in the movie Stop the World I Want to Get Off?

Who was in the movie Stop the World I Want to Get Off?


  • Tony Tanner. Littlechap.
  • Millicent Martin. Evie/Anya/Ara/Ginnie.
  • Leila Croft. Susan.
  • Valerie Croft. Jane.
  • Neil Hawley. Little Littlechap.
  • Graham Lyons. Father-in-law.
  • Georgina Allen.
  • Natasha Ashton.

What is the plot of Stop the World I Want to Get Off?

Stop The World – I Want To Get Off is a thought-provoking tale about the fleeting nature of worldly success. In a circus-like world, the hero – an Everyman character named Littlechap – is born, grows up, faces life’s many challenges, and ultimately makes a choice celebrating the perpetual cycle of life.

Who wrote the musical Stop the World I Want to Get Off?

Anthony Newley
Leslie Bricusse
Stop the World – I Want to Get Off/Composers

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