Who plays the hotel staff in Home Alone 2?

Who plays the hotel staff in Home Alone 2?

Dana Ivey
Dana Ivey plays another Plaza Hotel employee, the desk clerk, who encounters Kevin when he stays there. Ivey was known for roles in The Color Purple and The Addams Family before Home Alone 2, and continued her work in film afterwards, including Sleepless in Seattle and Two Weeks Notice.

Who is the airport worker in Home Alone 2?

Ally Sheedy: Ticket Agent (New York)

Who is the butler in Home Alone 2?

He is simply credited as “Concierge”. He was played by actor Tim Curry who is best known for his portrayals such as Dr. Frank N.

Who are the two crooks in Home Alone?

Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern play the other leading roles as the two robbers, Harry and Marv, respectively, who try — and epically fail — to steal from the McCallister home under Kevin’s watch.

Who played Pam block in Home Alone 2?

Ally Sheedy was born in New York City, to Charlotte (Baum), a press agent and writer, and John J. …

Who was the flight attendant in Home Alone?

Home Alone (1990) – Monica Devereux as Flight Attendant – IMDb.

Who is Pam block in Home Alone 2?

Alexandra Elizabeth Sheedy (born June 13, 1962) is an American actress.

Who are the Sticky Bandits?

Harold “Harry” Lime and Marvin “Marv” Merchants, also known as The Wet Bandits, and later the Sticky Bandits, or simply known as Harry and Marv, are the main antagonists of the 1990 theatrical Christmas comedy film Home Alone and its 1992 sequel Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

What was Kevin McAllister’s dads job?

Peter McAllister Is Senior VP of the Chicago Stock Exchange.

Did they take the Twin Towers out of Home Alone?

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992) — features a scene atop the WTC, which was edited out on several television channels. However, as of Christmas 2018, the scene with the WTC was restored.

Did they take the Twin Towers out of Home Alone 2?

Who is the grocery clerk in Home Alone?

Tracy J. Connor
Tracy J. Connor is an actress and writer, known for Home Alone (1990), For Pete’s Wake!

Who were the bandits in Home Alone?

The Wet Bandits were a duo of criminals, comprised of Marv Murchins and Harry Lyme. Marv was solely responsible for the name, after leaving a calling card of leaving the water running at every house they robbed.

Who are the robbers in Home Alone 4?

Amidst his parents’ impending divorce, Kevin McCallister must foil his old nemesis Marv and his wife Vera’s plot to kidnap a Crown Prince despite opposition from his dad Peter, Peter’s fianc… Read all. Prescott.

What do Kevin’s parents do for a living?

Peter McCallister is a prominent businessman (maybe a day trader?) and Mrs. Kate McCallister is a fashion designer, thus all the mannequins that Kevin was able to use in the party scene.

How much is suite 411 at The Plaza?

They also had to stay in Suite 411, the Kevin Suite, at $1,100 a night. So did Nicole Paxson, whose mother, Marla, booked the December reservation last March.