Who played Maggie in the professionals?

Who played Maggie in the professionals?

Pamela Stephenson
The Professionals (TV Series 1977–1983) – Pamela Stephenson as Attractive Blonde, Maggie Briggs, Nurse Emma Bolding – IMDb.

How many episodes of the professionals was Pamela Stephenson in?

three episodes
She also had a small part in three episodes of the British crime-action television drama series The Professionals.

What happened in the last episode of the professionals?

February 6, 1983The Professionals / Final episode date

Who played Bodie?

Lewis Collins
Lewis Collins (27 May 1946 – 27 November 2013) was an English actor. His career-defining role was playing ‘Bodie’ in the late 1970s – early 1980s British television series The Professionals….

Lewis Collins
Occupation Actor
Years active 1971–2002

How many seasons are there of pie in the sky?

five series
Includes all five series of this much-loved police drama series.

Why was The Professionals Cancelled?

The show was discontinued in 1981 (although the last episode wasn’t shown until 1983 because of a backlog) when Collins and Shaw chose not to renew their contracts. The ending was an explosive crash between an inflatable dinghy carrying Bodie and Doyle and the launch they were chasing.

Did Bodie and Doyle get on in real life?

THEY were British TV’s most popular crime-fighting chums of the 1980s but Martin Shaw admits that he and his The Professionals co-star Lewis Collins could barely stand each other behind the scenes.

Was Lewis Collins in the SAS?

Military career Collins was a private in the 10th Battalion Parachute Regiment of the British Army (a Territorial Army unit) from 1979 to 1983. In 1983, he applied to join the Territorial SAS, but was rejected because of his celebrity status, despite passing the entrance tests.

Is CI5 real?

Criminal Intelligence 5 (also known as CI5) is a fictional national law enforcement agency featured in the ITV1-Sky1 crime action series The Professionals and CI5:The New Professionals.

Did Martin Shaw perm his hair?

The producers of The Professionals originally wanted Shaw to play Ray Doyle with short hair and a suit. Shaw was having none of it. He got his long hair permed and turned up on the first day of shooting in jeans and a leather jacket. The director liked the look and the rest is history.

Was Pie In The Sky Cancelled?

Pie in the Sky – **Cancelled** Sadly, we have been beaten… | Facebook.

What happened to Cambridge from Pie In The Sky?

Video Unavailable. Actor Richard Griffiths, best known for his roles in The History Boys, Withnail & I and Pie In The Sky, has died. He died of complications following heart surgery at the University Hospital of Coventry and Warwickshire. He was 65.

Is there a real CI5?

Real Life Equivalent Criminal Intelligence 5 (also known as CI5) is a fictional national law enforcement agency featured in the ITV1-Sky1 crime action series The Professionals and CI5:The New Professionals.

Why did Martin Shaw not like The Professionals?

The Professionals made Shaw a household name, and he hated it. For years he wouldn’t talk about the show. At one point he stopped repeats being shown by refusing to sign for what he regarded as a derisory repeats fee. Newspapers suggested he was ungrateful, or that he thought himself too grand for showbiz fame.

What happened to Martin Shaw’s cheek?

The scar on Martin’s right cheek was the result of a vicious attack by muggers. His cheekbone had to be replaced by a plastic plate. He gave up alcohol after this attack and is also a strict vegetarian and a non-smoker.

Was Martin Shaws hair permed in The Professionals?

Did Martin Shaw and Lewis Collins like each other?

Unlike the on screen camaraderie between Doyle and Bodie, Martin Shaw and Lewis Collins had little time for each other. According to Shaw, both men were quite abrasive toward one another.