Who owns Curtis Island LNG?

Who owns Curtis Island LNG?

Project overview*

EIS status Approved with conditions
Proponent Queensland Gas Company Ltd (QGC), a wholly owned subsidiary of the BG International Group.
Location/s Gas fields: Surat Basin Pipelines: from gas fields to Gladstone LNG processing plant and export facility: Curtis Island, near Gladstone Map

Who owns Curtis Island?

In the end-of-year rush to close out deals, global oil and gas giant Shell announced it has sold off over a quarter of its wholly owned Curtis Island LNG processing site to Global Infrastructure Partners Australia for $US2.

What industry is on Curtis Island?

Bechtel earns industry recognition for Curtis Island LNG projects

Commodity Last Change
Crude Oil WTI 120.38 +3.51
Natural Gas (Henry Hub) 8.541 +0.056

What do they mine on Curtis Island?

The Curtis Island Mine is a turquoise mine. The Curtis Island Mine is located in southeast Queensland a distance of about 450km north-northwest from Brisbane (show me). The Curtis Island Mine is at an elevation of approximately 27m above sea level. The Curtis Island Mine is a turquoise mine.

Who owns Darwin LNG?

Santos today announced it had completed the sell-down of 25 per cent interests in Bayu-Undan and Darwin LNG to SK E&S, which is also a partner in Barossa.

How much does it cost to get to Curtis Island?

Getting there There is a ferry that leaves from Gladstone Marina (Curtis Island Ferry Service) twice a day on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The ferry takes just under an hour, and cost us $60 return for two people. The ferry drops you at the South End boat ramp.

Can you stay on Curtis Island?

Camping and accommodation All campers must be self-sufficient as there are no facilities provided. Camping permits are required and fees apply. A tag with your booking number must be displayed at your campsite. Find out more about camping in Curtis Island National Park.

Why is Curtis Island important?

To the island’s southwest, a natural deepwater harbor named Port Curtis supports major industrial port cities on the mainland, where they process coal, aluminum, and liquefied natural gas (LNG) for export.

Are there crocodiles on Curtis Island?

A LOCAL fisherman says he has spotted a crocodile in The Narrows, and signs of one on the bank of a creek in Curtis Island. NEARLY three decades spent on the water and prominent Gladstone fisherman Johnny Mitchell had never seen a crocodile.

How many people live on Curtis Island?

323 people
Curtis Island is a locality in the Gladstone Region, Queensland, Australia. In the 2016 census, Curtis Island had a population of 323 people.

Who owns Bayu-Undan?

The operator is ConocoPhilips, which has a 57.2% stake. Partners are Eni (11%), Santos (11.5%), Inpex (11.3%) and Tokyo Electric Power and Tokyo Gas (9.2%).

What is Bayu-Undan?

Bayu-Undan is a mature gas and condensate field located in Timor Sea, Timor-Leste which has been in production since April 2004. Santos became the operator of the Bayu-Undan field through the acquisition of ConocoPhillips’ assets in Timor-Leste and northern Australia in May 2020.

Can you swim at Curtis Island?

Swimming and snorkelling are popular on Curtis Island. Take care on the eastern side of the island, it is exposed and subject to rough weather and strong currents. Alternatively, take a break on the bright yellow sands and enjoy wildlife sightings from the beach.

Can I take a caravan to Curtis Island?

How do you get to Curtis Island? Access to Curtis Island is by boat only. Curtis Island Ferry Services runs a daily service to the island via car barge. You can drive your car, van, caravan or trailer onto the barge, or if you are just coming as a passenger, you can walk on to the ferry with any bags or gear you have.

How much does it cost to take your car to Curtis Island?

Curtis Ferry Services operates a car ferry from Gladstone Marina to Farmers Point, Facing Island twice daily. Tickets cost $15 and the journey takes 50 min.

Are there crocodiles at Curtis Island?

Can you take a caravan to Curtis Island?

Who operates Darwin LNG?

Santos operates both the Darwin LNG plant and Bayu-Undan facility. The Barossa gas field is 300 kilometres north of Darwin and will be the source of gas to backfill Darwin LNG when Bayu-Undan ceases production. Barossa entered FEED in April 2018.

Are there shops on Curtis Island?

There is a small shop that provides a few items and is a local meeting place for a beer or some bbq food. Review tags are currently only available for English language reviews. This is a worthwhile activity to do.

Where is Darwin LNG plant?

Wickham Point
Located at Wickham Point, Darwin LNG is a single train liquefaction and storage facility that started production in 2006. The Bayu-Undan facility, which supplies gas to the plant via a 26-inch subsea pipeline, is located approximately 500 kilometres north-west of Darwin in Timor-Leste offshore waters.

How many projects has Bechtel completed?

See our office locations and completed and current projects in this interactive map. Bechtel has completed more than 23,000 construction and engineering projects worldwide. Who We Are Vision, Values & Covenants

Who is the owner and operator of QCLNG?

Owner and Operator. Contractors. The Queensland Curtis LNG (QCLNG) project is located on Curtis Island, Gladstone, in Queensland, Australia, and is being developed by QGC, a BG Group business. The project area starts from Surat Basin in Southern Queensland, extends to Gladstone and Curtis Island, and is spread over 500km.

What does Bechtel Group do?

United Kingdom History Bechtel Group Foundation What We Do Accelerate progress Access and opportunity Protect people and the planet Path to net zero Market Expertise Defense & Nuclear Security Chemical Weapons Disassembly & Destruction Industrial Cybersecurity Supply Chain Management U.S. Naval Programs Shipyards and Naval Infrastructure

Why are Bechtel’s Curtis Island plants built with modular construction?

For the sake of quality, speed, and cost control, Bechtel engineers in Houston, New Delhi, and Shanghai geared their designs for the three Curtis Island plants to modular construction. At Bechtel facilities in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand, colleagues have been building more than 260 modules—-many of which weighed more than 5,000 tons.