Who made the top 9 for American Idol?

Who made the top 9 for American Idol?

Katy, Luke, and Lionel each anonymously submitted song selections to American Idol’s Top 11 contestants….’American Idol’ 2022 revealed the Top 9 after a special Judge’s Song Contest episode

  • Noah Thompson.
  • Nicolina Bozzo.
  • Christian Guardino.
  • Fritz Hager.
  • HunterGirl.
  • Emyrson Flora.
  • Leah Marlene.
  • Jay Copeland.

Who are the Top 5 on American Idol tonight?

The Top 5 includes Fritz Hager, Huntergirl, Leah Marlene, Nicolina and Noah Thompson.

Who are the top 7 on American Idol tonight?

American Idol’s Top 7 Revealed: Who Made Magic on Disney Night?

  • SAFE: Noah Thompson. Photo : Courtesy of ABC.
  • SAFE: Huntergirl. Photo : Courtesy of ABC.
  • SAFE: Nicolina. Photo : Courtesy of ABC.
  • SAFE: Leah Marlene. Photo : Courtesy of ABC.
  • SAFE: Jay. Photo : Courtesy of ABC.
  • SAFE: Christian Guardino.
  • SAFE: Fritz Hager.

Who made top 10 on American Idol?

Tyler’s Fritz Hager III voted into top 10 on ‘American Idol’ after ‘Wonderwall’ performance.

Who made the Top 9 American Idol 2021?

Wray advanced to the Top 9 along with Grace Kinstler, Casey Bishop, Willie Spence, Caleb Kennedy, Deshawn Goncalves, Chayce Beckham, Cassandra Coleman and Hunter Metts. A 10th spot will be filled by one of 10 past finalists from Season 18.

Who are the finalists on American Idol 2021?

Only three finalists are moving forward after the latest episode of American Idol, which aired live coast-to-coast on Sunday night (May 15). HunterGirl, Noah Thompson and Leah Marlene are now vying for the Season 20 grand prize, which includes roughly $250,000 and a recording contract.

Who made the top seven on American Idol?

Listen to the Top 7 ‘American Idol’ Contestants’ Original Singles

  • “Red Bird,” HunterGirl.
  • “Hearts Align,” Fritz Hager.
  • “Glitter,” Nicolina.
  • “Higher,” Christian Guardino.
  • “One Day Tonight,” Noah Thompson.
  • “Unlonely,” Jay.

Who are the top 3 on American Idol?

American Idol’s top-three contestants — Tennessee’s HunterGirl (Hunter Wolkonowski), Kentucky’s Noah Thompson and Leah Marlene of Illinois — will journey to “Idol” glory including a rest stop on the New Jersey turnpike.

Who are the top 5 American Idol 2021?

‘American Idol’ Top 5 Revealed, COVID Rears Ugly Head & Will.i.am Mentors (RECAP)

  • Leah Marlene. Leah admitted to being a bit obsessed with the Black Eyed Peas when meeting will.i.am.
  • Jay Copeland. Jay chose “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston.
  • Christian Guardino.
  • Fritz Hager.
  • HunterGirl.
  • Nicolina.

Who are American Idol 2021 finalists?

American Idol Contestants 2021

Sr No. Contestant Name Status
1 Grace Kinstler Eliminated (Top 3)
2 Willie Spence Runner-up
3 Chayce Beckham Winner
4 Casey Bishop Eliminated (Top 5)

Who are the top five American Idol 2020?

Who is American Idol finalist 2021?

Who is the top 3 on American Idol 2021?

But like other episode of “American Idol,” the viewers at home are ultimately responsible for the contestants fate. So who received the most votes to advance to the top three, and who was sent home? Huntergirl, Leah Marlene, and Noah Thompson are up for the season 20 grand prize — $250,000 and a recording contract.